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Is 'Urban spirit' a matalan range???

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mrsjingles Sat 01-Jan-05 16:28:51

My husband got a jacket with 'urban spirit' in the label from his mum for xmas, which he doesn't like and would like to try and change it or get a credit - he doesn't want to upset his mum by asking for the receipt though, and I'm not sure where it came from.
Does anyone know, I wondered if it's matalan as I know they shop there??? thanks in advance

JanH Sat 01-Jan-05 17:26:43

Not Matalan I don't think, mrs j - I just googled it, it seems to be skater/goth/punk (!!!)

mrsjingles Sat 01-Jan-05 18:44:33

thanks janH - I'm baffled to where she might of bought it!!

Libb Sat 01-Jan-05 18:47:22

urban spirit is a streetwear label and available in several places. Cult clothing, Mayhem etc - can you google the actual jacket?

JudgeFlounce Sun 02-Jan-05 15:39:15

Message deleted

JanH Sun 02-Jan-05 15:48:27

That sounds more like it, JudgeF! Your average Matalan shopper will also shop at Peacocks.

Peacocks home page - there is an urban spirit link on the home page, mrsj. "Distressed casual" apparently...

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