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Which carpet cleaner should we buy?

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Mirage Sat 01-Jan-05 13:50:07

We are thinking of buying a carpet cleaner,as ours are always looking grubby & it cost £100 just to do the lounge last time we had it done.

Has anyone any advice/experience of these?I've never used one before so don't know how good they are.DH mentioned that there is a VAX one on sale for about £100,but didn't know how good it was.He thought it was a wet/dry vac,but didn't save the advert,so now I'm not sure.


mishi1977 Sat 01-Jan-05 13:54:19

hi we have got a one that is a wet and dr and cost around 140-160 pounds but it is fab, we only use it as a wet vac due to having a new dyson but it has made our carpets look great...hope this helps...dh thinks the model is a 600 and something apparently

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