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Skiwear for kids

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belledejour Fri 31-Dec-04 14:14:06

Any suggestions as to where I can buy warm, good-quality kids' skiwear without paying an arm and a leg? Need skiwear for a 4-yr-old and warm weather gear for an 18-month-old.

Any suggestions very gratefully received.

LIZS Fri 31-Dec-04 14:15:59

H and M, M and S, Next or Argos Additions catalogue (C and A). There were a few threads a month or two back and Asda also came up as well as some specialist sites.

LIZS Fri 31-Dec-04 14:25:16

here and here

hatterselfamerrymerrychristmas Fri 31-Dec-04 14:35:51

I got ours some from ebay last year. Was really pleased with it and it was (I hope) just the right size to do this year as well. Some ski shops hire stuff, but I don;t think it's worth it. Also there's a big second-hand shop somewhere in sw London (battersea ish rings a bell) it's bascially someone's sitting room jam=packed with stuff. You'd probably find it through google

Gumdrop Fri 31-Dec-04 15:50:23

I thought I saw a flyer for Aldi or Lidl which had dirt cheap children's ski wear in @£15.

popsycal Fri 31-Dec-04 17:01:32

asda has soe fab and reasonably priced stuff at the minute

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