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TracyK Fri 31-Dec-04 10:57:08

Anyone recommend an isofix car seat? I can only see the Britax Duo plus - is this the best one?
It seems to attract the comment that the recline option could be a bit more reclining.

alibubbles Fri 31-Dec-04 17:01:20

I have the Mercedes equivalent, mine have transponders in to turn off airbags, but they are basicsally a Britx Duo Isofix, just cost twice the price!

I am very pleased with them, I have two and I know that the seats will never become dislodged by little fingers pressing the seat belt release button.

DelGirl Fri 31-Dec-04 17:06:41

I was interested in getting one of these but was told that everytime you change the seat you have to buy the base as well so it works out really really expensive.

jingleoooggs Fri 31-Dec-04 18:56:12

We have the Britax Duo Isofix and it is solid. Very impressed and comes with a cover to hide the isofix points so you can fit it in any car. Very easy to fit. Yes I agree that it could recline more, but DS doesn't seem to complain .

I bought it brand new off ebay and saved £40.

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