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Playpens are they worth getting?

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kbaby Thu 30-Dec-04 22:18:01

I cant decide.

DD is crawling and all our rooms are seperate which means if i'm in the kitchen I cant easily keep a eye on her. I dont want her in the kitchen enacse I trip over her or she eats the cat food. She wont sit in the highchair long enough.

Are they worth the money or only for short term use and not to bother.


kid Thu 30-Dec-04 22:21:28

I got one when DS was little, I only paid about £25 for it and it must have been used 3 or 4 times. My flat was all on one level, so I mainly got it incase he was going to stay out overnight, unfortunately, no one will have him! Can't think why

Frizbe Thu 30-Dec-04 22:23:09

Yes and no.....we used our travel cot as a playpen, but once dd really got the hang of crawling, she didn't want to be in it,and got very vocal about it! although it was and still is good for the odd quick nip somewhere in the house, instead we've put stair gates on the stairs and kitchen door, so dd can look at me when I'm in the kitchen without being in any danger, and still has roaming access along hall and back into lounge (which is fully proofed!) and she'll now happily tootle about whilst I prepare dinner, knowing she can check on me when she likes. One of my friends popped a swing up on the kitchen door frame (house well built!) to keep her ds happy whilst she cooked!

Surfermum Thu 30-Dec-04 22:25:02

My family bought ours for us last Christmas and I have used it loads over the past year - so a definite yes from me. It is so good for popping dd in if I need to go upstairs for something, load or unload the car, while I shower, or just need to get on with a few jobs. The mornings seem better for that as she'll happily sit and play or look at her books.

logic Thu 30-Dec-04 22:39:31

We had the same problem, kbaby. We used our travel cot as a playpen so we got good value out of it. It was really handy when I wanted a shower etc... I knew that the baby was safe. I think that Mothercare do travel cots quite cheaply and we used it as a bed for ds when we visited relatives up until 3 weeks ago when he (aged 2 and 3 months) learned to climb out.

SPARKLER1 Thu 30-Dec-04 22:49:25

We used travelcot as a playpen on occasions too. Also had a door bouncer which dds enjoyed while I was preparing meals. We too had a stairgate on kitchen door - used to put toybox just outside and dd would sit and play while I was busy.

<<<whispers - am selling travel cot on MN if you are interested>>>>>>>>> cheeky aren't I???

MarsLady Thu 30-Dec-04 22:52:23

I bought a playpen for the DTs. DD1 uses it more than I do for containing them. They enjoy being in there, but I'm not sure if that's because they can escape DD2 who likes to scoop them up when they are playing happily and then dump them somewhere else where they are no longer happy. Who knows why? I'm just glad that I can go to the toilet on my own. lol

joashiningstar Thu 30-Dec-04 23:50:58

I would say yes, definately.
We also used our travel cot as a playpen for GS - a godsend when I needed to be out of sight for a few minutes (showers, loo, etc, etc). He loved it. We also used it outside in the summer underneath the gazebo.
Still got it now and use it as a travel cot for friends and relatives little ones when they stay.

sassy Fri 31-Dec-04 08:22:19

I bought the babydan one and must say that I hardly used it as a playpen (dd very active from quite small and didn't like being in it). However, it has served us well as a fireguard and I will use it as a toddler-proof safe area for new baby (when it appears , due tomorrow!). You can also buy a tent affair that goes over it for playing in when they are bigger.
So not a bad buy after all! They are pricey though - we paid about £80 2 years ago.

FlashingRudolphNose Fri 31-Dec-04 08:25:52

What about a travel stairgate across your kitchen door instead?

piximon Fri 31-Dec-04 16:36:46

We have the Baby Dan one and it's been a life saver. We've used it as a playpen, a time out area, and currently it's keeping my xmas tree safe from both kids and cats.
I haven't forked out for the tent to go over it as I think they are too over priced so I will try to make one.

Donbean Fri 31-Dec-04 16:55:35

A dfinite yes from me too. I bought ours cheaply off a neighbour, it was almost brand new. We used it for toy boxes till he was mobile then used it through the summer when i was hanging out washing, cooking etc and he went in it fine. We got tons of use out of it. Its now in the loft stored for the next addition.

kbaby Sat 01-Jan-05 12:13:13

Thanks everyone. I think I will get one. Ive already got a travel cot but thats stays of mil's as she has dd in the day. We also need to get a baby dan because we have open stairs so we need a gate that goes around the back of the stairs to stop dd climing through the gaps. So another travel cot is in order. Its for the same reasons that others have said ie leaving her while i go upstairs or shower etc. She definelty cant be trusted on her own

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