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IKEA Kitchens

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Britney Thu 30-Dec-04 15:23:04

Anyone got one? Any tips for planning / buying? Or am I better off spending a fortune at Magnet?

MancMum Thu 30-Dec-04 16:02:25

I did some research on this and apparently IKEA kitchens are not as long lasting as other similar prices ones... an architect friend sais that he often used them for his show houses as they looked good but did not use them in his customers houses... what he suggested is MFI where we got ours from but to go to specialist work surface shops as it is a better investment to spend money on work surfaces...

Have t say so far, he was right as we ripped out MFI kitchen (or Hygena as it is branded) and then refitted it into new kitchen and it survived structurally very well and looks great 5 years on... and we did new work surface which makes units look totally different - might change it every 3 years or so... if can be arsed!

SofiaAmes Fri 31-Dec-04 06:22:55

Don't forget to allow for the cost of fitting. Rough rule of thumb is the same again as what you paid for the ikea kitchen. Proper fitting can make all the difference.

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