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Book clubs for children - any good?

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rouge Thu 30-Dec-04 14:07:21

Just got a catalogue from Books For Children. Anyone joined anything like this? Recommended or not?

soapboxingday Thu 30-Dec-04 14:13:56

I really recommend the book people and redhouse

The prices are fantastic and you are not tied in in any way.

binkie Thu 30-Dec-04 14:23:48

Sort of depends what you want from it. If you know what you like & don't want to feel pressured, for nice books at bargain prices, I don't think you can do better than Red House , which isn't a club - that is to say, no "club commitment" to fulfil & no need to make sure you've sent in each month's rejection slip so as to head off the package of not actually that cheap "editor's choice".

On the other hand, BfC did get us our bargain set of Beatrix Potter; & those editor's choice packages I forgot to reject have come in surprisingly handy for school birthday parties. And, should admit, occasionally they do have rather wonderful books you can't find elsewhere. So, on balance, I wouldn't warn you off but would say proceed with caution ...

DoesntChristmasDragOn Thu 30-Dec-04 14:48:53

Go with The Book People or Red House. Whilst the initial offers are good with Books For Children' they're not such good value afterwards.

JanH Thu 30-Dec-04 15:05:27

BFC are a PITA, they are like World Books etc where you have to decline their offer every month or you get it anyway and then have to faff around sending it back (or not - I bet they sell more books that way than from people actually ordering.) And you are tied in for a year and have to buy a minimum number, unless they have changed since I made the mistake of signing up.

The Book People are incredible. Red House are good too but not as cheap.

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