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Disney DVDs - Beauty & the Beast, Little Mermaid - where to get them?

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Hulababy Thu 30-Dec-04 11:03:47

I am looking to get DD the proper Disney versions of Beauty and the Beast and The Little Mermaid on DVD.

BUT they are not on general release by Disney at the moment by the looks of it.

Our DVD only plays UK region disks too, not other regions so we are limited in where we can look.

Tried e-bay but I am a bit concerned - what happens if they are faulty or copies when they arrive? Especially as they seem quite expensive too. I am not really bothered about the special edition versions, just the films.

I'm not in a rush. Definitely want to get them for her birthday - start of April - at latest, but maybe earlier if I can find them at reasonable cost.

Anyone have any idea of where to start looking?

Noella Thu 30-Dec-04 11:09:16

We tried to get B&B for Xmas for dd - Amazon had a 2 disc package of original B&B and Enchanted Christmas which we ordered but after about 2 weeks they emailed they couldn't get it. Would be interested to know if it is available also

Hulababy Thu 30-Dec-04 11:16:48

Thanks Noella - I will let you know if I can find them.

singsong Thu 30-Dec-04 11:33:00

Have you thought of making your dvd player multi-region? We did this with ours and several family members have done it with different models too. Search net for ‘make of your dvd player’ and ‘multi-region’. You should be able to find a code which you type into the handset to bring up a menu which then allows you to change to region 0 (multi-region).
Btw you can also use the same code to put it back to region 2 only again if you should ever want to do this.

misdee Thu 30-Dec-04 11:36:05

there is a reputable seller of disney dvds on ebay who i used i fair bit last year. i'll see if i can drag up his ebay name. reasonable prices as well.

Hulababy Thu 30-Dec-04 11:36:21

I will get DH to have a look at that, thanks. We have a Sony machine - will ask DH!

Now to see if I can get any region one then! Just in case we can do it.

MerryTissMas Thu 30-Dec-04 11:37:19

I got the Little Mermaid on Ebay, BUT the cover is in french (La Petite Sirene). It is a genuine Disney DVD, and plays in English. Another advantage (presumably because it is for the french market) is that it doesn't have any annoying trailers to FF through before you get to the main feature. I paid about £16 including postage, if I remember correctly.

If you go the Ebay route, read the descriptions very carefully, and check the feedback- if the seller has good feedback, and the descrition clearly states that it is a genuine Disney DVD, you should be fine.

There are several here . The obviously genuine and British ones seem to be going for around £40, but there is a seller doing an Italian edition. You could email him/ her asking for confirmation that it is genuine and will play in English, as I bet the price will be a lot lower.

Hulababy Thu 30-Dec-04 11:39:18

£40!!!! Great - why can't she prefer something easier to find. LOL! Wonder if prices will go down after Christmas season finsihes?

I will have a better look later on. Have to get ready to go out in a sec. Thank you.

singsong Thu 30-Dec-04 11:48:34

look here

NewbarnsleygirlWalliams Thu 30-Dec-04 12:34:27

We got ours in a box set along with peter pan and alice in wonderland.

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