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Need new washing machine - can anyone recommend reliable, quiet spin?

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mincepiemama Wed 29-Dec-04 20:15:37

Can anyone recommend a good reliable washing machine that can cope with 2/3 loads a day, but with a relatively quiet spin?
Have looked at Bosch and Indesit - any recommendations gratefully received?

throckenrobin Wed 29-Dec-04 20:25:17

we have a zanussi - seems quite good - about 3 years old and no problems so far. Much quieter than the old machine we replaced.

JanH Wed 29-Dec-04 20:30:42

Bosch, Bosch, Bosch (did I say Bosch?). Queen of machines. V reliable. Check out ogormans and comet (have used Comet for other appliances and they have been quick and reliable and taken old one away).

hoxtonchick Wed 29-Dec-04 20:32:52

don't buy indesit!

marthamoo Wed 29-Dec-04 20:54:06

Indesit...NOOOOOOOOO!!!!! We bought one which died when it was less than a month old - I had just had ds2 so you can imagine the amount of washing I had with a newborn and a 5 year old. It was SIX WEEKS of farting about with needed a replacement part, couldn't get a replacement part, needed a replacement machine, couldn't get a replacement machine - we finally paid more and got a Bosch which I'm quite pleased with and its spin is quiet and very fast.

The six weeks point leads me nicely onto my second piece of advice...

Comet....NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! (Sorry Jan!) All this fiasco was with them and they were utterly, completely useless with the most appalling Customer (non)Service I've ever experienced. I wouldn't buy another thing from them ever - not if they were the last electrical retailers on the planet.

marthamoo Wed 29-Dec-04 20:55:47

Btw, I say "quite" pleased with my Bosch because I can't use fabric conditioner in it - a residue builds up in the machine and after a while puts greyish marks on my clothes. But I've never heard of anyone else's Bosch doing this so maybe I'm just lucky.

whowantstobeamillionare Wed 29-Dec-04 21:01:34

Hoover Vision1600...very quiet

JanH Wed 29-Dec-04 21:02:02

"lucky", moo?

Don't worry about calling Comet, I know lots do, I guess I've just been lucky. (So far...!)

I use various fabric rinses in my Bosch with no probs yet btw mpm.

mullgedwine Wed 29-Dec-04 21:36:35

Siemens are the same "shell" as Bosch, and currently offer a 5 yrs manufacturers warranty on most laundry white goods. I've got a Bosch Exxcell and it is very quiet and reliable. Just replaced dead tumble dryer with a siemens instead of a bosch( same machine, differrent lable) cos of the guarantee.

marthamoo Wed 29-Dec-04 21:38:23

"Siemens" doesn't sound nice though does it...?

mullgedwine Wed 29-Dec-04 22:07:19

mincepiemama Thu 30-Dec-04 20:26:51

thanks for all replies, still undecided, but will take on board your comments..

SantaClausfrau Thu 30-Dec-04 20:35:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

marthamoo Thu 30-Dec-04 20:39:59

I am reassued that it's not just mine, HF - it drives me nuts.

SantaClausfrau Thu 30-Dec-04 20:54:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

pootlepodinapeartree Thu 30-Dec-04 20:55:37

miele, though I think they are the same as Bosch

logic Thu 30-Dec-04 20:58:38

We used to have an expensive Hotpoint washing machine that broke down every single bl**dy year for 5 years. We now have a brilliant Bosch Exxcel 1400 with child lock.

Tickle Thu 30-Dec-04 21:01:09

We have a flimsy Euro-make that was in our house here - that rubber seal Hausfrau is talking about is instead of the filter - so sucks up coins, plastic fairies (!) and yes, socks.

I have invested in net bags (never thought I would be that organised).

Know they are flippin expensive, but I would buy AEG or Miele every time. Just fed up with the other stuff giving up. Left a Miele tumbler in our cottage in England (sob). Never thought I would get emotional over a machine

SantaClausfrau Thu 30-Dec-04 21:04:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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