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saintnikcolas Wed 29-Dec-04 19:22:20

dd is 3 and loves books but where can i get them from that doesnt cost the earth ?

MarsLady Wed 29-Dec-04 19:23:20

The book people online. Fantastic. So good that you'll get loads and be able to give them as presents at parties as well.

ItllBeLonelymumThisChristmas Wed 29-Dec-04 19:25:22

I buy most of mine in charity shops and jumble sales. If you are prepared to look a bit, you can usually find books in A1 condition. I put some in my children's stockings this year and none of them noticed they were second hand, that is how good they were.

Twiglett Wed 29-Dec-04 19:29:35

second The Book People

Twiglett Wed 29-Dec-04 19:29:50

assume you are already library members

WigWamBam Wed 29-Dec-04 19:35:21

Places like Borders sell books at reduced prices, and also have three for two on a lot of children's books. If you have a branch of The Works near you, they have remaindered stock and new releases at discount prices, too.

blossomhill Wed 29-Dec-04 19:38:03

Wilkinsons, Matalan, Asda all do lots of lovely books that are very cheap.

DoesntChristmasDragOn Wed 29-Dec-04 19:43:36

Another vote for The Book People

popsycal Wed 29-Dec-04 19:44:06

m&S actually do lovely fairy tale books for a v cheap price...

Clayhead Wed 29-Dec-04 19:48:29

Another vote for The Book People , they are excellent.

You can't do links to particular items but if you search using the three letter codes, you can check out

ZPI 10 great picture books for £5!!

JUX Gruffalo Set (Gruffalo, Monkey Puzzle, Smartest Giant in Town & A Squash and a Squeeze) in a box set for £8.99

Also, you collect book points with each order and every now and then have enough to get a book for free. I don't work for them, just love them!!

MSZ for 8 Maisy books for £8.99

saintnikcolas Wed 29-Dec-04 19:52:57

They look good but is there a catch like they send you book that you havent ordered or you have to buy a certain amount of books a year?

blossomhill Wed 29-Dec-04 19:53:00

How about the pound shop as well. They have books in there such as pop up ones

ladymuck Wed 29-Dec-04 19:57:23

No catch re The Book People other than deliveries are slowish (7-10 days). Definitely nothing hidden.

saintnikcolas Wed 29-Dec-04 20:01:23

ill give them a try thanks ill also loook a whats left in the sales tomorow

roisin Wed 29-Dec-04 20:15:54

and ANOTHER vote for the Book People!

They've got a sale starting 4 Jan

candycane Thu 30-Dec-04 18:34:45

I use The Book People and Red House as they have great bargains and no commitments - The Book People is especially good. I also use Amazon a lot.

Yorkiegirl Thu 30-Dec-04 18:40:50

Message withdrawn

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