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A baby car seat with wheels, what is it called?

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aiti72 Sun 30-Mar-08 18:44:33

A car seat that clicks nicely to its base in a car and can be picked up and clicked to its wheels (and so makes like a stroller), what is it called? I've seen them around and would like one (so as not having to wake up the baby every time we get out of the car), but don't know what to askblush. We don't need a bulky travel system as we have a proper buggy when the baby gets too big for the seat, this car-seat-on-wheels system looks very handy for short trips to a grocery store. Can anyone point me to the right direction?

LIZS Sun 30-Mar-08 18:47:15

travel system/buggy - Maxi Cosi do one which is lightweight I think

QuintessentialShadows Sun 30-Mar-08 18:48:10

No I cant, but I remember having to rush and help a lady in a car park who was trying to get the car seat (with sleeping baby in) from the wheeled frame and into the car. The baby seat was stuck on one side, and as she had the baby in, she could not put it down, and she had no hands free to try and force the clip open, so I went to help her. She was saying it was the damned stupidest thing she had ever bought, as it always happened, and most of the time she was alone, and got stuck not knowing what to do, as she could not get the carseat off it.

sazm Sun 30-Mar-08 18:50:27

you could get a maxi cosi car cabrio and a zapp frame??? or theres one on ebay thats a car seat with a free chassis,its an inglesina i think.

aiti72 Sun 30-Mar-08 20:49:41

QuintessentialShadows, it must have been a bad product cos I had one of these things with my DD and it was, along with Baby Einstein dvds, the best baby product I can think of smile. Just need to know what the damn thing is called here in the UKgrin..

aiti72 Sun 30-Mar-08 20:50:47

Thanks, sazm, I'll check those out.

Fillyjonk Sun 30-Mar-08 20:50:50

no i know what you mean , friend with twins had one

dunno what they are called

Kindersurprise Sun 30-Mar-08 20:51:39

Oh, I posted on another thread recently about this. I will see if I can find it.

needtoasksomething Sun 30-Mar-08 20:51:42

is it called isofix?

JingleyJen Sun 30-Mar-08 20:54:18

we used this system carrycot used as moses basket as well as pram, car seat clipped onto chassis when required, now use the pushchair option as DS2 is older.

Kindersurprise Sun 30-Mar-08 20:54:46

This is the maxicosi one

Maxicosi Taxi it is called.

LIZS Sun 30-Mar-08 20:58:03

No Isofix is the built in carseat fastening system like Latch in US. There is also a larger carseat on small wheels with retractable tow handle available in US. What car seat do you propose to have as that may predetermine what frames/chassis are compatible.

katyt1 Sun 30-Mar-08 21:10:41

i saw this in a magazine a few weeks ago. no clue as to name tho.
Ok i can't make the link work but search google images for sharon stone + sons and you'll see her & nanny pushing 2 boys in the car seats with wheels.

aiti72 Sun 30-Mar-08 21:10:42

LIZS, I'd take any good car seat, the lighter/easier to handle the frame it attaches to the better. Do you know the name of that larger car seat sold in US?

katyt1 Sun 30-Mar-08 21:11:04

oh link looks like it works now...

LIZS Sun 30-Mar-08 21:15:31

Sit n Stroll. There may be others but probably don't meet BS regulations so aren't available here.

Kindersurprise Sun 30-Mar-08 21:26:29

Britax do a whole range of lightweight travel sytems. Here

Bewilderbeast Sun 30-Mar-08 21:40:05

maxi cosi cabrio fix fits to quinnt buzz and a bugaboo, it probably fits to some others as well. It was an excellent car seat.

sazm Sun 30-Mar-08 21:40:28

oh i found the one i was thinking of!!!
this one has swivel wheels

theres also one with bigger chunky tyres

LIZS Tue 01-Apr-08 16:06:25

Saw one of these today, not sure if available in UK or if imported .

aiti72 Wed 02-Apr-08 16:16:48

Wau, how do you find these things, LIZS!? That's exatcly what we'd need to avoid the bulky travel system.

LIZS Wed 02-Apr-08 16:20:38

lol just clocked it in a car park and googled !

aiti72 Wed 02-Apr-08 16:21:07

Sazm, your first link was perfect expect for the price, 44 pounds for a car seat and a chassis sounds so cheap it makes me wonder if it's safe in a car... Funny thinking, I knowgrin.

sazm Thu 03-Apr-08 19:41:07

why dont you go for the quinny zapp frame with a maxi cosi cabrio seat, it came out the best in the which test.

matfx Sun 09-Dec-18 22:08:29

I've seen add-on wheels with a strap here

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