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Any experiences of the Mamas and Papas Luna Pushchair and Carry Cot

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ElmMum Fri 28-Mar-08 19:58:40

We're looking for a simple, not too expensive pushchair that can be a pram for the first few months.

Things that are important to us:
- Easy to fold
- Not too heavy
- Easy to get in and out of shops, up and down pavements etc

Not important:
- Doesn't need to transform into a million combinations, we just want a pram and then a pushchair
- We don't have a car, so car seat bit not essential

Only thing I can find that looks remotely suitable is the Mamas and Papas Luna Pushchair (£150) which has a carrycot (£60) that makes it a pram to start with.

Anyone got this? Any thoughts if it's a good buy or not? Or anyone got a better recommendation to suit what we need?

Really appreciate some advice! Thanks!

divedaisy Fri 28-Mar-08 21:10:00

That looks like a good system. But I can only advise you to go and have a hands on with one before you commit. I had a M&P Pliko with the carry cot. I bought it on the recommendation of the shop assistant, but I gave it away once I didn't need it anymore. It was not easy to fold. It had to be pulled together (with the same type of movement and force as trying to start a petro lawnmower!!) and often I couldn't get it closed - my mother never could manage it. The Luna should be able to get upand down pavements OK - it has a solid handle which will give you more leverage and won't be as sore/tiring on your wrists as the individual handle ones (like on the Pliko). Also check out the size of the basket and make sure it's big enough - the Pliko wouldn't hold a packet of nappies - very tight fit. Make sure there's enough space to get items in and out of the basket.
Although I didn't like my Pliko, the M&P did last a good 3 years and was good enough to go to charity. It lasted well, was sturdy and well built.

Have you looked at the M&P 03 Sport Surefix - also suitable from

maxnchaznlucytoo Sat 29-Mar-08 21:09:22

Hauck Infinity with the carrycot is a smashing pushchair and fits all your criteria.

I've heard nothing but negatives about the Luna, sorry.

runnyhabbit Sat 29-Mar-08 21:15:05

I've got a Luna, but only bought it when ds2 was 8mths old, so don't know anything about the carrycot.

On the plus side -
very light weight
easy to maneovre(sp?)

downsides -
basket is tiny
raincover is a nightmare to put on (you need to have a knack, I'm sure)
is not freestanding when folded

I love the funky colours, and we had quite a good deal when we bought ours becuase it was the last of the older model (basically, every accs was thrown in)


nappyaddict Tue 09-Sep-08 11:58:53

does anyone have a picture of what the luna should look like with the raincover on cos mine has a random sticky out bit that doesn't look right.

girlsallaround Tue 09-Sep-08 12:07:51

wasnt pleased with M&P stroller or service.
although the cot part of the stroller was good.

it was - too heavy
a little too chunky
not always easy to click in the different parts
impossible to get down the stairs safely
child straps very confusing
poor service on their behalf

girlsallaround Tue 09-Sep-08 12:08:35

i dont think the m&P strollers are any of the above:

not light
not easy to fold
not easy to push up/down stairs

girlsallaround Tue 09-Sep-08 12:08:44

i dont think the m&P strollers are any of the above:

not light
not easy to fold
not easy to push up/down stairs

nappyaddict Tue 09-Sep-08 14:37:52

how did you try and get it up/down the stairs? did you bump it up and down on the back wheels?

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