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Online prezzy for new born - any bright ideas??

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kiwicath Tue 28-Dec-04 18:48:59

Hi! My girl friend has just delivered today in the UK and I'm wanting to buy a gift online. She's got loads of family and friends around her so clothes, stuffed toys etc etc will be coming out her ears. Any bright ideas as to what I should get her/her baby boy?? Did you receive something "different" that was practical yet sweet (and lightweight) as she's flying back to Egypt in a month's time. Browzing as we speak so any help/websites would be appreciated. Also need somewhere that will gift wrap and deliver. Cheers

Gem13 Tue 28-Dec-04 19:18:24

My DD (now 10 months) has loved the Wimmer Ferguson mobile here (the black and white then colour one) from her first month. It's won loads of awards and it's something that I wouldn't have thought other people would buy your friend.

V. lightweight once you get rid of the packaging.

3PRINCESSES Tue 28-Dec-04 20:44:14

Have just been browsing on amazon, and saw a CD of classical music for babies. We had Julian Lloyd-Webber's 'Cradle Song' CD when 2 of mine were newborn, and it definitely did help soothe them - and me - to sleep. The one I saw on amazon is nicely packaged (nice photo on the cover) and is produced by Classic FM, I think. I'd definitely like it as a present! (would try to do a link, but would undoubtedly fail - sorry!)

Socci Tue 28-Dec-04 20:53:25

Message withdrawn

finleysmum Tue 28-Dec-04 21:07:17

Try this .
I bought them for my friends babies and they love them!

fisilhohoho Tue 28-Dec-04 21:12:14

I told my mum today that the ideal gift for my new baby will be a small holdall. We had one lying around which we always use for ds - he takes as much stuff for one tiny person as we do for two adults, and it is useful having his stuff separate in a bag. I reckon it is the only thing we'll need two of. And as she'll get loads of pressies, it will be the ideal gift for travelling back to Egypt with!

GoodKingWestCountryLass Tue 28-Dec-04 22:00:02

If you go to the Robeez site you can order a lovely gift set of leather shoes and blanket

Juliehafrancis Tue 28-Dec-04 22:23:55

How about a hugababy carrier from here ?

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