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Can anyone recommend a very effective sunscreen and freckle lightener

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chocchild Fri 28-Mar-08 09:22:08

I have lots of freckles on my nose which used to just look like freckles but now they are all clumped together and make me feel very self conscious. Now that we have had a couple of sunny moments I have noticed that they have become even more prominent. Can anyone suggest anything that might lighten them and also a product that I can use to stop new ones appearing in the summer?

chocchild Fri 28-Mar-08 11:38:11


chocchild Sat 29-Mar-08 22:42:53


GentleOtter Sat 29-Mar-08 22:46:46

Choc, I think that freckles are a sign of permanent skin damage and have never come across a safe skin lightener to get rid of them.
Roc is a good sunscreen IMO -just slap tons of it on your nose.

GentleOtter Sat 29-Mar-08 22:48:00

Sorry, that should read Roc MAKES a good sunscreen.

chocchild Thu 17-Jul-08 19:33:05


cocolepew Thu 17-Jul-08 19:35:38

I'm very frecklerly (made-up word alert) L'Oreal Mineral Foundation is very good at covering them. Though I don't mind minegrin

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