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travel seat thing that fits over the back of a chair???

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Carameli Mon 27-Dec-04 16:50:13

Does anyone know what I mean. I saw these things once that you could fit over that back of a normal dining chair and you could slip the child into and it would suffice as a travel high chair. I think they were fabric so really easy to pack in a bag and go....
But I cannot find them anywhere.
Any ideas???

mishmish Mon 27-Dec-04 16:55:43

hi there, I had one and it was quite useful, but only on low-backed chairs. It came from Perfectly Happy People (PHP). They have a website but I can't remember what it is! If you search on google, I'm sure it will come up.

LIZS Mon 27-Dec-04 17:08:32

Think you mean one of these . Probably should n't admit this but, my then SIL ordered one once (from Blooming Marvellous I think) and then ran up a version on her sewing machine and sent it back !!

WideWebWitch Mon 27-Dec-04 18:02:04

MO2 very kindly sent me one of these, it's a Tamsit. You're welcome to it (free) if I can find it but I have to say I don't know where it is, I could ask dp though.

jingleoooggs Mon 27-Dec-04 20:02:13

They are very handy - we also use ours in highchairs where the straps aren't very good - like ones in family pubs, so he is properly restrained.

Carameli Tue 28-Dec-04 10:17:16

wickedwaterwitch, if you find it I'd love it. It just seems perfect for dd right now. But can you really only use them to 18mnths( she is already 15mnths??)

WideWebWitch Tue 28-Dec-04 10:30:09

Carameli, depends how heavy she is - I wouldn't be able to use it for my dd now and she's 13 months. Will ask dp later if he knows where it is.

Carameli Tue 28-Dec-04 10:42:25

Is your dd big for her age. My dd is not that big but not exactly a lightweight either so perhaps I had better look for something a bit bigger. Thanks for the offer though.

cupcakes Tue 28-Dec-04 11:01:17

We use one by Clippasafe which ties round the back and under the chair. This seems better than the ones which go over the back of the seat because they fit a larger range of chair. And also it is more adaptable for different sizes of baby!
Used it since dd was 15 months (she is now almost 2).
We bought it from our local independent baby shop so I would try somewhere like that.

cupcakes Tue 28-Dec-04 11:04:41

Here is their website: Clippasafe
Look under 'safety' then 'harnesses' - it is the last item.

motherinfestivemood Tue 28-Dec-04 11:11:27

Oh, yes, I know what you mean. We've got one lurking about somewhere, used it a lot for dd1, although DD2 prefers the 'cling onto mummy and eat half her food' approach. It was £15 from Boots. Can thoroughly recommend. They're still there, I'm quite sure.

bunnyrabbit Tue 28-Dec-04 12:44:42

I went to see my sister in Munich when DS was only 6 1/2 months and I bought A First years Booster Seat .

It's small, light but pretty strong and I managed to get it to fit on most chairs.

DS is now nearly 16 months and I still use this if there's no high chair available.


DoesntChristmasDragOn Tue 28-Dec-04 12:47:08

The fabric ones are very easy to make if you can borrow one to draw round.

bunnyrabbit Tue 28-Dec-04 12:51:23

Meant to add that in the blurb it says you can use the FY seat too 36 months.


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