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Help needed with Barbie Serafina interactive cat - please!

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stellar Mon 27-Dec-04 14:19:42

does anyone else have one of these?

we got one for DD for xmas and can't get it to work interactively - the jewellery box doesn't react to the CD (or the DVD which we bought specially)

we've already taken it back to asda (where we got ours from) and exchanged it for another but the 2nd one doesn't work either

is anyone else having the same problems?

do you know where else has them in stock so we can try from a different source?


Stella xx

PolgaraInAPearTree Mon 27-Dec-04 17:18:03

We got dd2 one of these. We had to try several positions near the speakers before we got it to interact with the CD. It needs to be nearer than it says in the instructions we found!! And the cat needs to be quite near the jewel box - it only worked on a sort of straight line from it!!Once it had started tho it seems to work ok with the DVD as well now. Otherwise have you tried putting new batteries in the cat as well as the jewel box? Good luck.

stellar Tue 28-Dec-04 08:45:21

we had the jewellery box right infront of the speaker (about 2-3inches away) and we tried raising it up a bit to see if that helped it pick up the signal and had the cat on DDs knee about a foot infront of the box but still nothing

we also replaced the batteries in the cat to see if that was causing problems but didn't make any difference either

does it matter which way around the heart on top of the jewellery box faces (LED towards speaker or towards cat? iykwim)

DH is about ready for throwing it across the room as we have tried everything we can possibly think of and its still not working properly

He wants to take it back to Asda and get a refund thinking maybe they have a faulty batch or something? But that means DD won't have the toy she's been after for ages as there are none in stock anywhere else

Anymore ideas please!

Stella xx

PolgaraInAPearTree Tue 28-Dec-04 14:59:29

Oh dear - I can imagine how upset your dd must be - mine would be too! And you wouldn't believe how long it took me to get ours so not sure where they may still be - have you tried toys r us or the woolworths website? May be stating the obvious here but you have taken the plastic key thingy out of the cat haven't you? Erm think we had the led towards speaker but not really sure. The cat didn't interact everytime it lit up either. Will keep thinking.

louise1110 Mon 03-Jan-05 08:39:14

My little girl has one of these cats also, the jewellery box on hers doesn't work. I have worked out that the battery isn't actually touching the metal contact on the jewellery box, you can do 1 of 2 things take it back and hope you get one that works or use some silver foil or similar so the battery actually touches the metal.

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