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Kenwood Smoothie maker

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saffy202 Sun 26-Dec-04 20:21:41

Does anyone have one of these? Have just received one for Xmas (I did want one!) but there are no instructions/recipes or anything inside. Just wondered if there was supposed to be before I make a fool of myself at Asda. It probably isn't essential to have them but for someone like me they would be helpful!

JanH Sun 26-Dec-04 20:23:01

Sounds wrong to me, saffy!

ChristmasCracker Sun 26-Dec-04 20:32:45

I'm almost positive my friend has one of these and hers came with instructions and a recipe book.

singsong Sun 26-Dec-04 20:38:12

I have one and yes it came with instructions and recipes

singsong Sun 26-Dec-04 20:42:52

Definitely take it back for exchange or phone kenwood for a copy because they are quite useful for getting started. Don’t know what I’ve done with my recipes now because once you’ve made a few you get the hang of it and can make up your own ideas.

saffy202 Sun 26-Dec-04 20:48:49

Thanks - will pop along tomorrow. I thought it should have something with it!

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