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Has anyone used 'Bathstore' to buy their bathroom from and would you recommend them ...

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Snowstorm Tue 25-Mar-08 22:12:15

... or should I stick to B&Q and get on with it?!

FluffyMummy123 Tue 25-Mar-08 22:13:08

Message withdrawn

ninja Tue 25-Mar-08 22:14:47

I found them really helpful and good quality but just bought bits and pieces. Not worth buying anything that isn't in the sale as it probably will be next month!!

B&Q stuff can be a little shoddy (but we did only get the basics)

LaDiDaDi Tue 25-Mar-08 22:17:22

I bought a big walk in shower enclosure from them and got two bathrrom cabinets on that month's offer.

The shower enclosure is fab and was the only one that would fit properly into the space that we had. They were helpful in the shop and the delivery came exactly when they said it would. Got the rest of the bathroom suite from B&Q and they were fine too, held it all in their warehouse for ages as we were not ready to take delivery.

fingerwoman Tue 25-Mar-08 22:17:49

my parents got their last bathroom from bathstore and are really, really pleased with it. everything was good quality and the shop people were lovely.

FluffyMummy123 Tue 25-Mar-08 22:18:51

Message withdrawn

Heathcliffscathy Tue 25-Mar-08 22:19:50

i used bathstore ages and ages ago. and was very pleased.

grannyslippers Tue 25-Mar-08 22:24:59

I only ordered a small item from them after an online bargain bathroom type retailer had screwed up the order. The service was really great but I guess you pay for that!

MmeCellophane Tue 25-Mar-08 22:29:55

I used Bathstore last year. Their design service was fantastic - staff really helpful. That said, they forgot to order quite a few of the items (inc the loo cistern!) but at least added them on afterwards, FOC.

Bathstore is owned by Wolseley Centers - who also own Plumb Center where you may be able to get same stuff cheaper, but without the frills service-wise.

Bathroom is nearly a year old and still looks as new as it did on installation.

JingleyJen Tue 25-Mar-08 22:43:16

used them for most recent bathroom projects (all finished just need the floor down)
We have some reservations... our summation would be it does seem you get what you pay for.. we have bought a cheaper range for the boys bathroom and a more expensive one for the ensuite... you can tell... it was easier to fit, everything about it is better.

didn't have great service, had to change toilet as the bowl wasn't watertight.,. bit of a problem there!!

they seemed very happy to help instore until we handed over the money then weren't eager to help with service questions.

the unit we ordered to go under the sink didn't have any screws or fittings.. when I called the store the chap didn't seem to think this was an issue - he had to check if it was supposed to come with screws FFS!!!!
Anyway in the end we called the manufacturer direct and they sent a pack directly to us whilst bathstore faffed trying to work out if we were supposed to have them in the first place.

We ordered the wrong towel rail for the sink.. yes our fault but as the person put the order into the computer it would have been good if they had noticed the rail was too small for the sink!

Things were delivered exactly as they stated at the correct time but they only ever have one person on the van so you have to have someone in strong enough to help them unload the lorry.

Sorry this has rambled on.. if you like any of their taps they are made by Crosswater and you will find them cheaper if you buy direct or through other plumbers merchants.
Their furniture is made by symphony you can also get that cheaper if you buy it from someone else...

Happy shopping!!

Snowstorm Wed 26-Mar-08 14:12:14

Thank you for all your messages - all good to know. Appreciate it.

JingleyJen Wed 26-Mar-08 14:55:41

blush just re-read my post.. thanks for the bathroom therapy session!!

Snowstorm Wed 26-Mar-08 15:45:49

Don't be blush JingleyJen - that kind of stuff is useful to a complete bathroom buying ignoramous ... really it is! smile

pansie Wed 26-Mar-08 15:51:09

We had a problem with a toilet which was not watertight too - leaked onto our new wooden floor. Our plumber told us that he hates their stuff as it is all difficult to fit - lots of non-standard fittings etc. All looked nice in the end though.

Snowstorm Wed 26-Mar-08 16:49:45

Yes, a plumber I know was very uncomplimentary about their stuff - in particular their showers - but I just wanted to check out other people's opinions, hence this thread.

MmeCellophane Wed 26-Mar-08 16:53:14

Doh! Just remembered that one of our down lights has just bust, but they've replaced it FOC. Don't think they're especially good quality. We'll be paying for the electrician to come and install it of course hmm

zippitippitoes Wed 26-Mar-08 17:05:05

wd bathrooms online are good

as are plumbworld

Snowstorm Wed 26-Mar-08 19:32:46

I've also been looking at B&Q stuff ... anyone got any comments on their products?

LaDiDaDi Wed 26-Mar-08 23:29:18

Actuually I remember now that our toilet bowl from B&Q leaked. They didn't seem surprised when I rang and complained and they sent another one out straight away.

user1475069626 Wed 28-Sep-16 15:44:29

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

FinallyHere Wed 28-Sep-16 17:48:41

We used them for some things, they were OK as far as they went. The furniture didn't really fit the way I wanted the bathroom, so they just changed it around so that the furniture fit, but to my eyes, it looked sub-optimal. I send the manufacturers an email, saying 'what a pity' they came back right away to say that they supplied a much wider range of the same units, if i found a different supplier. Result.. It seems bathstore buys a limited selection of the range in bulk, at a very good price.

Then our plumber wasn't convinced by the wall hung WC they supplied. I returned it and they were OK when i explained.

So not awful, but not brilliant.

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