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safety mat

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mumofelise Sun 26-Dec-04 11:11:17

dd got a trampoline for christmas so now i'm looking for a safety mat. can anybody help as i'v no idea where to get one.

mumofelise Sun 26-Dec-04 11:23:42


KangaSantaMummy Sun 26-Dec-04 11:27:30

what about asking a local school for where they get their mats that they use for PE?

Is it one of the large garden ones that you can get a net to go around to make safer?

what about TP toys?

mumofelise Sun 26-Dec-04 16:16:27


cranberryjampot Sun 26-Dec-04 16:19:29

im sure you can get them in Toys R Us

WigWamBam Sun 26-Dec-04 16:21:35

How much are you prepared to pay? Supertramp sell them, but they're expensive.

mumofelise Sun 26-Dec-04 20:53:07

had a look and too expensive. should add that dd is 2 and the trampoline is not that big. thanks for the help. anybody else have any ideas.

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