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sandwich press, are they any good or just another gadget...

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Carameli Sun 26-Dec-04 09:13:53

Have a question. We were given a Breville Maxi sandwich press by my SIL this year. Now its not exactly something we've ever thought of getting. So my dh wants to tell her this and suggest something else we might need( also is it bad luck to buy a set of knives for someone, sure I heard of this in the past...)
But I am just wodnering now that with or dd(now 15mnths) maybe it might be fun to have something I could make silly sandwiches for her.
What do others think? Would we actually use it or would it just get left to rot????

WigWamBam Sun 26-Dec-04 09:24:34

We were given one a couple of years ago, dh went mad with it for two weeks, and it hasn't been touched since ...

Carameli Sun 26-Dec-04 09:25:22

thanks thats what we thought.

AMerryScot Sun 26-Dec-04 09:28:39

We use ours fairly often, but basically just make grilled cheese sandwiches.

KatieMaChristmas Sun 26-Dec-04 10:05:08

We use it a couple of times a week

Cheese & Tomato/Tom Sauce/Ham

Jam or chocolate or pureed apple

Fried onion/peppers/tomatoe & Soy sauce


Bacon & Egg

Couldn't be with out it

Kaysleighbells Sun 26-Dec-04 19:47:05

We use ours once a month or so. More in winter. Kids love grilled cheese sandwhiches and dh and i love toasted chicken. Wouldn't say they were a "must have", but definitely a "useful to have"

tigermoth Mon 27-Dec-04 13:55:16

same here - mu children love toasted cheese sarnies. We use ours at least once a week.

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