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Silvercross Dazzle: Owners come this way

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Shhhh Tue 25-Mar-08 14:38:54

What do you think of it.?
I am loving the look,style etc of it and it will be for ds who is 1 as wanting it as a buggy iykwim..
Thinking of getting it with the carry cot for when/if we have baby 3.

(used cot bit off m&p ultima pram for dd and ds BUT sold it last would need a moses basket/carry cot for the next iykwim..)

How do you find it.? Is the carry cot suitable for a lo to sleep in (at home)for a few months till big enough for a cot.?


lydiathetattooedlady Tue 25-Mar-08 17:10:32

hi! not sure if any help or not but im getting mine tomorrow (hopefully! ordered from john lewis!) haven't got the cot as LO is 12 months but it looks like a soft bodied moses basket, think it would be ok to sleep in at home but it might need something underneath so as not so hard on floor!, then again if its got a proper mattress should be ok!
will let you know when ive test drived mine!
also john lewis you can now buy pushchair on its own, without cot, and it comes with a foot muff, every where else i looked it didn't so BARGAIN!

Shhhh Tue 25-Mar-08 20:54:09

lydia, thanks for your reply....Hmmm I do like the look of it and seen as our sc pop is broken and being refunded/ or replaced i think its a good substitute.

DS who will be using it is 12 months as well so cot not needed but as I said not sure if it will be needed in the future iykwim..not to sure if to buy just pram or get pram and cot as not sure if anywhere sells the cot on its own..hmm.

Off to check JL now as I agree, everywhere seems to sell it as a duo..

Get back to me tomorrow if you can as I would love to know what you think smile. x

Shhhh Tue 25-Mar-08 20:55:37

bloody hell I eat my words grin. JL DO sell the cot seperate..! I have looked EVERYWHERE today..!

I guess this is something that will/would still be on sale in a year or so...

lydiathetattooedlady Wed 26-Mar-08 17:58:33

hi! i have just returned from my first trip with it and i LOVE it! i initially went to john lewis for a bee but came away with this as my bubs seemed alot more comfy in this one! she likes to sit with her legs crossed and couldn't do that it the bee! saved my self nearly 200 quid so very chuffed!the handles are a little high for me but i am only 5ft 1! it's really smooth dont know if it has suspension or not (didn't check!) but it didnt seem to rattle like my other two did!
The only bummer was that it turned out the apron/footmuff thing doesn't come with it and that it was a mistake on their part, but they have just rang me and told me that they will send me one at their expense because it was their fault!
i do really love it, the little viewing flap is held in place by little magnets, the same as the back of the raincover which i think is great!

MrsBadger Wed 26-Mar-08 18:00:39

the carrycot isn't suitable for sleeping at home imo - not ventilated enough

lydiathetattooedlady Wed 26-Mar-08 18:18:32

i agree with you, after a second look today it seems a bit too narrow to use as a bed. in my instruction book they've labelled it a day bed, so presume it means its ok to keep baby in for a short time if baby falls aleep when out??!!

MrsBadger Wed 26-Mar-08 20:11:21

oh yes, and even for as bit once you get home if they stay asleep, iyswim

but I wouldn't put them in it for naps

Shhhh Wed 26-Mar-08 20:38:11

thanks lydia, thats good feedback there..I thought the apron came as standard as well....

Ah so the carrycot is not ideal as a moses basket...Suppose that answers my question over buying it with and putting it in storage..wouldn't be much use I suppose...Esp as they can lie flat in the pram..

I saw today the loola..but feedback on mn is not too good...

Just trying now to find a good deal for the dazzle..Think you have won me over smile.

Thanks mrsbadger as well smile.

Oh nearly forgot....handle quite 4ft 11 and find it high on the sc pop (which is being returned) think the dazzle is slightly lower..(off to check now)

Shhhh Wed 26-Mar-08 20:45:44

yes, it is slightly shorter than the pop.

Lydia,how does it fold..? Is it umbrella or more compact iykwim..? (like the zapp)
Also what are the wheels likes..I guess they are also like the zapp and plastic not rubber..?

Just to answer your question on the suspension, apparently it has 4 wheeled suspension for a smooth ride.x

lydiathetattooedlady Thu 27-Mar-08 18:10:45

it folds umbrella styleee! yeah the wheels are rubber, tho don't sound like shopping trolley wheels like my zapp did! they are solid but also kinda squishy!

Shhhh Thu 27-Mar-08 22:15:59

Thanks lydia smile.

I finally decided to go for one and ordered it today grin.

nappyaddict Thu 25-Sep-08 13:18:27

bump - is it easy to push and steer? what's it like on grass (park length grass not fields!) is it easy to bump up and down steps?

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