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Broadband - What speed is my connection ??

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Kaysleighbells Fri 24-Dec-04 16:06:39

Certain programs are asking me what speed my broadband connection is. Have only just installed broadband and it is Wanandoo 10 x faster than dial-up. My connection icon status "Connected at 1,152,000 bps" Is that the same as 152 k line speed ????

Santasluckylittlehelper Fri 24-Dec-04 16:53:49

I'm on wanadoo and mine says the same - think its 1GB

JaNgLyBELLS Fri 24-Dec-04 17:00:44

No, it's not. You have (and so do we!) '1Mb/s'. M=million, so thats 1,000,000 bits per second. (Actually, due to the way 'bits' work, it is 1,152,000bps, but it's just called 1Mb/s).

Kaysleighbells Fri 24-Dec-04 17:55:23

Thank you very much.

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