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Photos - nursery or studio ones?

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Moomin Wed 22-Dec-04 23:52:21

Dd has just had a photo done at nursery but it's not a very good one. it's ok but they've not caught her at her best and she's not even looking at the camera! Tomorrow is the day to give them back or buy them (£20 the set). I quite like the idea of some 'official' photos but am not happy with these and so have scanned a copy (naughty!) and will give the rest back. Is it worth going to a studio for a set? I don't really want to get caught up in having to have one every other month and pay an arm& a leg, though. what do other people do?

xmashampermunker Wed 22-Dec-04 23:54:50

I sit DS on a chair in my parents' house with a cream throw behind him and snap away. He's had two sessions like this and the pics are gorgeous. I've also sat him on a fluffy sheepskin and done the same a couple of times and people have asked if they were studio ones (sounds like bragging, I'm REALLY not!). Where do you live? I'll do them for you

Moomin Thu 23-Dec-04 00:00:53

aw thank you! you could draw a picture of dd with a wax crayon and your eyes shut and it'd be better than the one she had taken. how do you fancy a trip to to west midlands tomorrow?
do you take the photos digitally?

hana Thu 23-Dec-04 00:13:11

I didn't buy dd's preschool ones this year - cute photo but far too expensive. For Christmas cards, I took loads with our digital camera and then printed off the best ones. I think £20 is a lot

xmashampermunker Thu 23-Dec-04 00:13:56

Am in London, would love to come but fear I may not make it

Yes, I take them digitally, but my dad takes them with a good 35mm camera and they're excellent too. Digital ones have the advantage of being able to be wiped immediately when DS blinks or looks down at an inopportune moment, but they're also more tempting not to have done as actual prints as you can already see them.

xmashampermunker Thu 23-Dec-04 00:15:08

Yes, £20 is a lot. I get prints done same day in a local photo shop for 10p per 6x4 print.

Gwenick Thu 23-Dec-04 00:15:15

Did you know that's illegal to scan the photo's! 'If' the photographer was ever to find out you could be sued for breach of copyright!!! OOoops

Anyhow, I bought a set on unmounted photo's from DS1's nursery - cost me £16 and got loads (much better deal than getting the cheap and nasty mounts LOL). Thankfully it was a great photo of him or I wouldn't have bothered.

Moomin Thu 23-Dec-04 00:21:12

yes i did know it was illegal... the photographer can come and find me and i'll give her a mouthful about taking a bad photo and charging a fortune for it. (oo i'm hard, aren't i?)

xmashampermunker Thu 23-Dec-04 00:23:27

Are other mums at the nursery as unimpressed?

Moomin Thu 23-Dec-04 10:21:51

not sure. haven't been at this nursery long so i don't know any to speak of. i saw some other photos propped up in the lobby and they all looked ok to me. i'm not being horrible but dd is a bit like me - not particularly photogenic. a lot of thought (or luck) needs to go into making the pair of us look presentable for a photo. that's why digital cameras are a godsend! don't get me wrong - she's a very gorgeous little girl but she's not one of these cuties that always looks perfect at every angle, bless her. i just think a little more time and trouble taken by the photographer could have made for a nicer photo. that's why i wondered if a studio might be a better option. maybe i'll just invest in a good digi camera in the sales instead.

OnZephyrstdayofXmas Thu 23-Dec-04 10:31:59

how about going to boots or woolworths? They often have a photographer there for a few days and it's about £6 for a big print

mishiclaus Thu 23-Dec-04 10:38:48

mothercare tend to have pixie photo in and u get a big print for the £5 fee for the sitting it is then up to u if u buy any of the other pictures which do tend to be extortionate...but i usually go and get the free pic..for a fiver i think its great and i have had photos done of ds from 4 wks 6mths and 13mths. like others we have a digi camera but never get around to printing anything off which is a shame
take care

ChristmasBOOZA Thu 23-Dec-04 10:39:51

It depends. You're not going to get a better value for money set. The pixiphoto ones (in Boots, Mothercare etc) give you one cheap photo and then charge a lot for anymore. But if you're prepared to pay you would get a nice set at a studio.

Got DS and DD's nursery photo and I'm reasonably impressed. Now that is a challenge. Trying to get a good photo of two of them

cazzybabs Thu 23-Dec-04 10:45:27

We went to a studio - which was very expensive (we got 3 photos in a mount for £180 - OMG!!!!) but they are excellent. They took about a hundred and you choose the best ones. It was arranged by my FIL who has expensive tastes so I suspect it was an expensive studio.

So yes the photos are more expenisive than nursery but they are so much better as they have tbe time to make sure they are good rather than having to take 30 children in half an hour.

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