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Is there such a thing as an extension for pushchair handles?

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MrsMar Wed 19-Mar-08 11:13:46

My pushchair is giving me terrible back ache, and rather than fork out for another one, is there somewhere I can buy something that's easily fitted to extend the handles? I've got a Bebe Confort Loola.

HappyWhale Wed 19-Mar-08 19:44:19

I've found a couple online (google pushchair handle extensions) but they don't give much info on measurements (i'm after some for DH.) also read on old thread here some people use bike handlebar extensions. not sure how that works...

nannyL Wed 19-Mar-08 20:16:49

years ago my mums friend (who broke her back horse riding and hence had a back injury) got a really long push chair handle extension

MrsMar Wed 19-Mar-08 20:53:41

You don't know where she got it from nannyL? The only ones I can find are in the US.

nannyL Wed 19-Mar-08 20:58:37

no idea (sorry)... it would have been about 20 years ago and it fitted her silver cross pushchair (which was the current model at the time)

nannyL Wed 19-Mar-08 20:59:35

it was also on permenantly, and could not be easily taken on or off but it didnt matter, they just lived with it like that!

MrsMar Wed 19-Mar-08 20:59:50

No probs... looks like I might have to get some from the States.

Pushchairs Mon 17-Dec-12 10:48:26

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