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loola up ....

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nappyaddict Wed 19-Mar-08 11:09:44

has anyone got one? does it have the same problems as the original loola which is very heavy to push with an older child in it?

MerlinsBeard Wed 19-Mar-08 11:11:11

i have it. it is heavy so would imagine that its heavy with an older child in - mine is only 13 days so can't help with that!

Its haveay in general though. All the other problems seem to have been fixed tho (shoppong basket usable, better suspension, one handle etc )

nappyaddict Wed 19-Mar-08 11:18:46

do you have a problem going up kerbs with it. i know a lot of people said the old loola was hard to get up kerbs, especially in rear facing mode.

MerlinsBeard Wed 19-Mar-08 11:24:10

not yet! DS3 is only 13 days old so have it rear facing and lying flat. Its actually a dream to push! Its easy to push up kerbs with one hand as well - again, at the moment. I am aware that that may change!

sonta Wed 19-Mar-08 12:17:54

Loved my Loola but had to stop using it when (normal sized!) dd was 12 months as she getting too big for it especially with the footmuff on. Sawpped to a Maclaren Techno which is sooo much lighter to push.

nappyaddict Mon 27-Oct-08 22:03:30


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