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ELC - Domino Tornado - anyone got one?

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roisin Wed 22-Dec-04 14:44:52

We've got one of these, and are having great fun with it. But none of us can work out what to do with the "cactus ball flips"...?!

Can anyone advise?!


MoHoHo2 Wed 22-Dec-04 14:50:18

Aha! I can help you!
Have you not read the instructions then??? {stern icon]

Basically it's for if you want the domino line to change direction.. so, if, for e.g. you set up the line of dominoes in a "z" shape you would put the cactus at thepoints at which the direction of the line changes, then when the last domino whacks it, it twists round and sends the line in the other direction off.....

Have you also worked out that you can have a domino line end on the lever behind the little grey slope and set the barrow off???

Agree, it's great fun, but what a time to bl**dy set up!!

MoHoHo2 Wed 22-Dec-04 14:51:45

How old are your kids playing with it?

roisin Wed 22-Dec-04 14:54:53

little grey slope? barrow? Are we talking about the same product? this one

Maybe I am just being incredibly thick!

Thanks for the explanation about the cactus ball flip though - that does make sense (even to me in my pre-Christmas semi-delirious state) [happy]

roisin Wed 22-Dec-04 14:55:56

I can't even do a proper smiley...! Where's the wine?!

The boys are 5 and 7, so can mostly manage it themselves - but one at a time. Both together causes mega strife as you can imagine!

MoHoHo2 Wed 22-Dec-04 15:03:38

oooh weird - ours is Domino Tornado I'm sure, but not from ELC - has different parts!!

Same cactus though!

MoHoHo2 Wed 22-Dec-04 15:05:48

ah yes - my boys are 5 and 2, so you can imagine even mor strife... basically DS1 tries to set it up, and then just at the last minute DS2 runs through it!


roisin Wed 22-Dec-04 15:07:16

Phew! That's a relief - I thought I was going bonkers.

How old are your children playing with it?

Interestingly ds2 (5) seems to be better at setting it up than ds1 (7), and certainly more able to cope with the disappointment when he accidentally sets a bit off. He's been quietly building a layout in the dining room for the past 1.5 hrs! (With the occasional "clitter clatter clitter ... Oh Dammit"!)

They're £10 (half price) in ELC atm, and part of the 3 for 2 offer as well! Bargain!

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