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What are IKEA sofas like?

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AngeK Tue 18-Mar-08 21:09:44

I don't usually like the sofas in IKEA, but saw a really nice one today - the Kramfors sofa. DH says it will show wear and tear in no time but the fabric looked good quality - what are other people's experiences?


lucyt90 Thu 02-May-13 12:01:32

I've always loved my IKEA sofa: durable, goes well with different decor, and comfortable. It folds out as a sofa bed which is just as comfortable as a normal bed, much better than the old blow up!

Shakey1500 Sun 28-Apr-13 13:41:44

I'm confused (and lazy), which Ikea sofas have machine washable covers?

Also has anyone seen any decent recliners recently? I've seen some reasonably priced ones but they all seem quite fussy and pouffey whereas i'm after a more square looking one. Preferably leather (5 yr old ds) hence also pondering washable fabrics.

dubsie Sun 28-Apr-13 13:31:29

You get what you pay for. In terms of value I think Ikea is pretty good. However, they are cheap sofas and won't compare to a handmade one from Long Eaton Nottingham. Traditionally all furniture was made in this town, now they focus on quality.

To have a sofa made will cost you from £800.00 but this will last decades. From Ikea it costs from £300.00 and will last 5 years.

For me buying an Ikea sofa was about not worrying about baby sick, food and the dogs jumping all over them. Realistically I would have spent over 2000 on a hand made version that would have got stained.

francagoestohollywood Wed 19-Mar-08 11:47:42

I'm now blush

dragonbutter Wed 19-Mar-08 11:01:42

Our ektorp was bought second hand 5 years ago so god knows how old it really is. It's big and comfy but the back cushions are now well squashed and floppy. We've got the red corduroy cover and it copes with the kids very well.

Cadmum Wed 19-Mar-08 10:57:12

Our covers have not shrunk either.

SoupDreggon Wed 19-Mar-08 10:08:34

My covers haven't shrunk, Franca.

bundle Wed 19-Mar-08 10:04:36

we have a sofabed, can't remember name but v simple with brown covers

francagoestohollywood Wed 19-Mar-08 09:58:05

am I the only one whose covers shrunk in the washing machine? what have i done wrong????

francagoestohollywood Wed 19-Mar-08 09:56:44

We have one IKEA sofa that's not in production anymore. It's like a relative of the EKTORP. I love it. But beware: the covers tend to shrink when washed.

geekgirl Wed 19-Mar-08 09:55:18

I would also happily buy an Ikea sofa. We have inherited an Ikea armchair from my parents - it must be nearly 30 years old and is still going strong (we did have it reupholstered because the leather split about 7 years ago).
Also have an Ikea sofabed that is apparently very comfy (so guests say, anyway).

spammandchocolateeggs Wed 19-Mar-08 09:46:03

We've had an Ikea sofa for about 9 years, and although it is now on its last legs - not literally, those are fine - it has lasted brilliantly, including through many hours of bf ds and some little incidents and accidents.

The covers wash really well still. I seem to remember we bought a second set of removable covers and replaced them about 5 years fades into the mists of time.

SoupDreggon Wed 19-Mar-08 09:41:21

BTW, our carpet is a not dissimilar shade of turquoise. It looks sh*te having suffered at the hands of 3 children!

SoupDreggon Wed 19-Mar-08 09:40:00

We've got the Ektorp sofas and they're great.

Personally, with 2 children, I wouldn't touch a sofa without machine washable covers.

AngeK Wed 19-Mar-08 09:35:12

The Kramfors says dryclean only, but I'm planning on getting the turquoise which looks like it won't show the odd mark too badly - especially with 2 kids...

muppetgirl Wed 19-Mar-08 07:54:10

Just had a look at ours and it says they are machine washable. It's very think cotton/canvas material. Just check the washing instructions on the loose covers before you buy if you know you may need to wash them frequently.

muppetgirl Wed 19-Mar-08 07:51:38

...our sofa is nearly 3 years old to us but is about 4-5 years in total. Still looks great.

Cadmum Wed 19-Mar-08 07:50:12

Sorry, I just noticed that although the covers are removable, they need to be dry-cleaned on the Kramfors. Did you already notice that?

muppetgirl Wed 19-Mar-08 07:50:01

We've had mixed results with lots of different Ikea furniture. We had a chest of drawers that was apparently made from wood but felt more like cardboard but was very cheap so we should have know really. Ds 1's chest of drawers has survived him using it as a climbing frame, doesn't have a mark on it -it's cream - and will still do ds 2 when the time comes. We have an inherited sofa from one of my brothers' rental flats with loose covers. It is in our playromm so gets heavy wear from 2 dogs (one like to sleep on the sofa when he thinks we don't notice him!) a 4 yr old and a 19week old baby. I've washed the covers assuming they would shrink but they didn't (on 30 degrees) they have been washed since and it's fab. I would buy another sofa from Ikea but not one of their budget range.

Cadmum Wed 19-Mar-08 07:48:17

We love our Ektorps. We bought the first one in 2000 and my gave it to friends when we left the UK in 2004. They still have it and with the new cover it looks as good as new. We currently own the corner sofa and a chair and they are very hard wearing. We have 4 children on them most days!

franke Wed 19-Mar-08 07:40:45

I've got a 10 year old Ikea sofa - a bit faded but still going strong. It gets moved to various different rooms in the house - was in the kids' room for a while, now in our office room. As always, you get what you pay for - I suspect this is the case with Ikea where the quality will vary with the price.

Buda Wed 19-Mar-08 07:36:06

I have washed ours tribpot. The redish ones I washed and haven't put back on yet. Currently using the coffee-ish ones and they survived DS throwing up on them last week - washed and ironed and put back no problems.

tribpot Wed 19-Mar-08 07:00:44

I've got the Tomelila and a something else as well, poss the Ektorp. Def no problem with cushion sagging (although the T is a sofabed) fabric wearing well but my question for Ikea sofa-ites was: what's the best way to clean the fabric covers? Laundrette? Dry cleaner?

Buda Wed 19-Mar-08 06:58:04

We have Ektorp as well - a 3 and a 2. No probs - now 3.5 yrs old. I bought an extra set of covers in a different colour when I bought mine so I can change - I have a brick red and a sort of coffee/beige.

We also have one of their big corner sofas down in the basement - bought off our friends who lived in this house before us. It had hard use for 18 months from them and is still fine.

Piffle Wed 19-Mar-08 06:36:49

truly excellent. We have the ektorp red cord fabric. Looks the mutts. Fabric will not wear ikea couches and stuff in general is excellent imo we rarely shop anywhere else for furniture

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