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swim flotation vest for 2-3 year old

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AtheneNoctua Tue 18-Mar-08 14:31:11

DS is going to take up swiming. I think he might enjoy it more if we make sure he doesn't sink.

I want a vest, not a whole suit. He has a swim suit which I like so prefer not to change it.

poppyh Tue 18-Mar-08 14:44:27

Im sure I saw these on the Urchin website reasonably priced in their sale section.

littleboo Tue 18-Mar-08 14:46:05

sell them in JJB sports and mothercare

AtheneNoctua Tue 18-Mar-08 14:57:02

Silly me. Should have looked on ebay first.

For anyone who is interested:

sazm Tue 18-Mar-08 18:22:00

just thought i'd add that we have tried swim suits/vests,and found them to be a nightmare.
they dont keep them afloat as such but in the 'natural swimming position' so they tend to either fall forward or back.
i bought a floaties inflatable suit for my ds (aged 2 and 1/2) and returned it as it was HOPELESS.
i then bought different ones for dd(15m) and ds (now 3) from woolworths with floats in that you can remove, but they were the same.
my sister bought her dd (age 3) a zoggs swim vest from tesco and its the same,i tried my 2 kids in it and it was the same.
we have found armbands much better(and cheaper!)

Scattybird Tue 18-Mar-08 18:30:52

I bought one from ebay and sold a floaties one at the same time. They are reasonable indestructable.

Scattybird Tue 18-Mar-08 18:32:14

I was told not to get armbands by a woman who teaches swimming. It was on hols so I can't remember why she said not to. Her little boy had a rubber ring.

cmotdibbler Tue 18-Mar-08 20:55:31

DS has a Speedo vest which is excellent - I bought it from

LunaMama Fri 12-Feb-16 13:13:03

Zoggs swim vests are good, well made and fit for purpose. Whatever you do, DO NOT BUY SLAZENGER SWIM VESTS, they are absolute rubbish, don't fit properly and are in my opinion UNSAFE.

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