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Dressing Up

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kizzie Sat 30-Nov-02 15:06:29

Hi - does anyone know where I can get a spiderman or batman dressing up outfit for my little boy who is 3 and a half?

babster Sat 30-Nov-02 16:12:55

Hi kizzie - you can find both on - Spiderman is £19.99 and a muscly Batman is £26.99.

Adelaide Sat 30-Nov-02 19:29:48

Batman in definitely in The Entertainer if you have a branch nearby. About £15 I think. Not sure about Spiderman though.

kizzie Mon 02-Dec-02 14:29:43


bundle Mon 02-Dec-02 14:42:20

kizzie, they had a few character clothes - can't remember which though! - in M&S at the weekend in the sale too. if you have one close, you could try ringing them to save yourself a journey and they might 'bags' it for you.

SueW Mon 02-Dec-02 14:57:47

Asda have zillions of costumes in at the mo. Inclduing Spiderman, I spotted in someone's basket today.

SueDonim Mon 02-Dec-02 16:52:09

SueW, do you know if Asda has a mermaid costume? DD would like one but the ones I've seen so far are v expensive, gbp30+. I'll be home in the UK *next week* and can hit the shops, hurrah!

babster Mon 02-Dec-02 17:33:09

SueDonim, I saw a mermaid costume in Tesco quite recently.

SueW Mon 02-Dec-02 19:00:04

SueDonim I shall no doubt be back in Asda over the next couple of days and will have a look for you. They have dinosaurs so mermaids don't seem too out of the question. DD has previously had a mermaid from there too. Still got it somewhere but she complains that the bodice itches.

XAusted Mon 02-Dec-02 20:32:07

Have seen mermaid costume in Argos and Woollies

emsiewill Mon 02-Dec-02 20:49:47

There's a mermaid costume in Boots, around £15, I think.

SueDonim Tue 03-Dec-02 03:14:01

Thank you very much, everyone! It seems as though I'll be able to find one somewhere.

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