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Purple Clock...Where can I get one in time for Xmas?

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TheCattleWereLowryn Tue 21-Dec-04 21:01:56

All my DD wants from Santa is a purple clock and a pair of socks!
She is 3.
Socks I can deal with, but I can't find a purple clock.
Any ideas?

TheHollyAndTheTwiglett Tue 21-Dec-04 21:14:34

this looks ok for a 3 year old

onlyjoandthethreekings Tue 21-Dec-04 21:16:19

try purple puffin, they have some nice ones, sorry i cannot do links

KristmasBear Tue 21-Dec-04 21:16:19

I got one in Tesco - Purple, furry with those dealy-bopper things on the top (if that's the right word for them!!) Fiver

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