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Thomas tank chocolate crunch on vhs?

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juniperdropofbrandy Tue 21-Dec-04 16:32:35

DS2(4) is going to be gutted on christmas day as this is all he's asking for(he's getting other stuff though) and I thought I'd sorted it but just been emailed to say it won't make it in time I ordered it ages ago too.

The boys have a tv/video in their room so that's why he wants vhs. I've searched online for shops I could try to get to and can't find it anywhere?

juniperdropofbrandy Tue 21-Dec-04 17:01:07

thought I'd found it but it's on ebay and has 4 days left. You watch they'll probably sell it in my local asda after all this worry

onlyjoandthethreekings Tue 21-Dec-04 20:17:39

i know we had this one, i will have a look for you but not til the morning as my DS is in bed, will let you know, had a big sort out so not sure if we still have it

Furball Tue 21-Dec-04 20:31:09

They have some at HMV

juniperdropofbrandy Wed 22-Dec-04 22:52:48

awww thanks for looking. I just got an email from choices direct to say they're dispatched it so hopefully it'll get here. I did email to cancel it (in a strop ) as they said it wouldn't be despatched in time. Dh bought the dvd just in case but I can give that as a gift as dss are always at parties.

fingers crossed!

juniperdropofbrandy Thu 23-Dec-04 15:37:19

yipeee!! It came today along with DS1s yu gi oh the movie

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