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Mail order companies we hate

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gribber Mon 20-Dec-04 11:15:59

Following my recent abysmal experience with Jo Jo Maman Bebe, I did a quick trawl of the Mumsnet archives and found I wasn't the only one who had suffered at their hands. As it is the season of ordering online and praying that the goods actually turn up, I thought now might be a good time to ask for other mail order whinges so that we can all take avoiding action. Who do you hate the most? Who has sent you a real turkey?? Which MD would you most like to impale on top of the Christmas tree???

aloha Mon 20-Dec-04 11:23:10

Um, I have had no probs with JJMB. Sorry.

MariNativityPlay Mon 20-Dec-04 11:24:35

Great Little Trading Company...NOT. Have messed up three orders of mine, delivering them to complete strangers three streets away. They might have improved, I don't know, I have boycotted them for the past three years!
Actually, I've never had a problem with Jo Jo Maman Bebe, but I've clearly been lucky.
My personal faves are John Lewis Direct and Letterbox, who have never let me down.

nailpolish Mon 20-Dec-04 11:26:21

dont like toys r us

LOVE next - always on time

frogs Mon 20-Dec-04 11:29:49

FIrst in the Hall of Shame are the Cotswold Company. "Don't" is the only advice I can give.

Jako-O are very good, as are Bright Minds.

GeorginaAdventCalendar Mon 20-Dec-04 11:30:06

Amazon are in my bad books at the moment. I ordered three toys from their site on the 2nd December which at the time were all subject to 24hr dispatch. A week ago they still hadn't arrived and their due date had been changed to 21st December!! Cutting it very fine. Then last night I git an email saying sorry but it's going to be another 1-2 weeks!!!!

Am fuming. Now have to go round a toy shop with two young children during the busiest week of the year as it's too late to shop from another company online and guarantee they will get here on time. I'd managed to get all my Christmas shopping done online right at the start of December PRECISELY because I didn't want to go into town with a three year old and a seven month old.

Newbarnsleygirl Mon 20-Dec-04 11:32:24

It's not really the company but the delivery companies they use. My Mother in law is a qvc fanatic and she orders something everyday off them. She recently ordered a pair of boots, an expensive coat and a soft chair for my dd, which strangely enough I had ordered aswell on the same day.
She commented one day that they were taking a while to come and I just said well it's just that time of year. Anyway When I arrived home there was a parcel that had been thrown over into my back garden, it was my chair! I contacted my MIL and she said she would chase it up the next day. When you order from Qvc they ask you if there is anywhere the carriers can leave your parcels if your not in. My MIL has a specific place for that. But to cut a long story short a certain carrier, REALITY took it upon themselves not to leave the parcels as instructed, but send them back and say that the customer did not want them They have now started to do this with lots of different things that she has orderded which amount to hundreds of pounds and the more annoying thing about it is that she has been in on the days they were supposed to be delivered!

StNickschik Mon 20-Dec-04 11:45:24

I just had a bad experience with the Book People or their delivery company. Ordered some stuff for Xmas on 25th November. As of early last week it still hadn't come and bearing in mind the 3-5 days delivery time I thought this was a bit long even for the time of year. Phoned them to discover that my parcel had been delivered on 3rd December and as we were out it had been left with a neighbour. There was no card through the door telling me this and they couldn't tell me which neighbour! Would like to think that neighbours would bring parcels round asap (as I would) and not leave it for 2 weeks!! (Having said that we don't get on with woman in flat downstairs - she complained to our letting agent about dd crying in the night - cow!) It would be somewhat petty to keep someones parcel out of spite surely!!! Anyhow, phoned Book People back and told them to resend /reissue parcel to different address as neighbours not coming forward with parcel! Didn't really feel I could knock on all houses in street and accuse people of keeping my parcel for 2 weeks!!! To give them their due they did this but still very pissed off with delivery company for not leaving note!

fruitful Mon 20-Dec-04 12:04:08

Sometimes JJMB are incredibly slow and don't tell you they are going to be slow, otherwise they've been ok. I agree that GLTC take forever!

Argos home delivery are horrid - yes I really want to wait in from 8am to 8pm so that they can finally turn up when I've got dd in the bath with shampoo in her hair...

Oh and then there is my postman. He has taken to leaving all the parcels at the bottom of the hill (with his bike) and putting a note through our door to say we weren't in. He must write the notes before he gets to the house as I'm now on the watch for him, ready to run out and shout, "yes I am in, where is my parcel?" but he is too quick. Getting quite familiar with the sorting office now.

Batters Mon 20-Dec-04 12:04:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

woodpops Mon 20-Dec-04 12:04:52

Boots are good at throwing things over the fence as well. I blew my top on the phone to them. I had a v tech v smile tv learning system thrown over my fence onto gravel and no note put through the door. I only saw it when I went into the garden at 10:30 at night to lock the shed. I was furious especially as the flaming garage was unlocked!!!!

Kaz33 Mon 20-Dec-04 12:06:13

No one has mentioned redoute -AAAAArgh, where to start

MaryChristmas Mon 20-Dec-04 12:07:04

Oh yes Redoute!

JaNgLyBELLS Mon 20-Dec-04 12:11:07

Just been on to Amazon to chase my order placed on 8th December. They said it was sent out and returned to them as noone at home to take it in. Didn't bother to tell me this fact though!

grumpyfrumpy Mon 20-Dec-04 12:26:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

OLittleYurtofBethlehem Mon 20-Dec-04 12:34:13

Books for children get my vote - the introductory offers are marvellous value - and you do get good bargains after that - but the delivery driver is an idiot! and they always slap on extra P&P regardless - then a few months ago they made a mistake and credited me £10 - have to confess i didnt tell them as i feel they owe it me for all the endless hassle

OLittleYurtofBethlehem Mon 20-Dec-04 12:35:36

grumpy frumpy - Reality are the pits -thats who the "idiot" i refered to works for.............

FimboCLAUS Mon 20-Dec-04 12:39:48

Got my Boden sale delivery on Saturday via parcelforce. We weren't in, so the driver suspended the package (in a carrier bag) and hung it on the inside of the lid of my recycling bin, of course when I opened the lid, the package fell into the bin just as well he used the recycle one..

Newbarnsleygirl Mon 20-Dec-04 12:42:45

I contacted QVC to tell them that my MIL and I would no longer shop with them if they continued to use REALITY. God knows what they'll do about that! They have a distribution centre 10 miles from my house, I keep thinking I should go down and give them what for!

Portree Mon 20-Dec-04 12:52:19

Amazon has been real hit and miss this year. Seems OK if your order is for a single item but goes wrong for multiple items. I ordered 2 copies of one dvd. Fairly simple I thought. I received one copy of the dvd and another completely different one. I'm assuming they got my order mixed up with someone else's as I don't see how it could have been picked wrongly in the warehouse. Also an item supposedly on 24 hour dispatch is still not here after 2.5 weeks. Bought it in HMV and can't cancel my order.

House of Bath are truly awful. I had to wait 6 weeks to receive an item which was part of a special offer. The free item arrived last week, so about 10 weeks in total from placing the order to it being completed. Won't be ordering from them again.

JLP, Argos and Kiddicare have all been first rate.

vict17 Mon 20-Dec-04 12:56:38

last year The White Company didn't bother to deliver my Xmas present to a friend. I complained and got a full refund and they said they just couldn't handle the amount of orders they'd had. Not good enough though is it? Amazon, and John Lewis have always been excellent.

csa Mon 20-Dec-04 14:36:42

have had great success with amazon this year. did 3 separate orders and all of them arrived within the week. had problems with the muddy puddles company tho. ordered some stuff from them earlier this year and on the website it said it was in stock and will be despatched immediately. 2.5 weeks later still nothing so chased them up. goods were delivered the next couple of days and i got charged an express delivery charge. still waiting for refund (3 months on....). also, waiting for refund on an item i returned (again 3 months ago)! not ordering from them again.

turquey Mon 20-Dec-04 14:46:37

I've had exactly the same problem as Georgina with amazon, I ended up cancelling the whole order.
Am waiting nervously to see if the White company deliver as promised, but have a bad feeling about it - haven't heard anything since the confirmation email and they were supposed to be delivering in 1-2 days (4 days ago).

ChristmasCracker Mon 20-Dec-04 14:48:03

Am not happy with Argos at the mo. Ordered one of Dd1's pressies online as you couldn't reserve it for stor pick up, and all went through fine, it was in stock etc and due to be deivered today.

Get an email on saturday morning to say actually at the time i ordered it the item was out of stock , so i'm not getting it.

Hulababy Mon 20-Dec-04 14:53:27

ELC haven't been so great this year for us.

PILs ordered some toys and books (about 5 or 6 items)from their - luckily ages ago. Each item came seperately, several days after they had been due. One item never arrived at all and after much phoning around MIL found out it wouldn't be coming yet they'd still charged her.

My parents order a palace from them for DD. Came a few days late again. Was ight order and not really ELC's fault I guess - but item was just thrown over the back fence and a note pushed through door. The back garden has a gate that is easily opened. Present could have just disappeared as not secure at all.

Had problems with ELC last tear too. Failed to deliver presents and parents had to chase like mad. Again cards had been charged for missing goods. Dad laid it on thick with them and eventually ELC had the items delivered by TAXI from 2 differnt shops several miles away.

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