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Where do you buy your grapes?

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janh Wed 27-Nov-02 10:05:20

If it's from Tesco be very very afraid!

<In one case a woman is reported to have discovered a black widow, which has red markings on its back, climbing up the side of a colander as she was rinsing grapes in her sink.

Last week a dead black widow was said to have been found in another bunch of Tesco grapes while last month one was reportedly found alive among grapes in a fridge. >

lou33 Wed 27-Nov-02 10:24:09

Argh! Have just sent dh into the fridge to check ours. We got 2 big bunches yesterday!

GeorginaA Wed 27-Nov-02 11:37:14

EEEP! [shudders violently]

um... sainsburys don't get their grapes from the same supplier do they?!!!

Marina Wed 27-Nov-02 11:51:27

There's an interesting side to this though. Grape producers in California are using the spiders as a highly effective, eco-friendly insect control system. It has really cut down on the pesticides used in production. BUT they are supposed to be checking those grapes manually and bunch by bunch before they are sent out...I would guess any UK supermarket sourcing its grapes from California could be affected.

Bozza Wed 27-Nov-02 11:52:50

I think that they are supposed to be using non-poisonous spiders and ladybirds. But its hard to encourage the safe varieties while discouraging the dangerous varieties.

janh Wed 27-Nov-02 12:45:55

Mmm, that's what the spokesperson said - about the eco-friendly aspect. Thanks for mentioning that it's the Californian grapes we have to look out for, Marina, it didn't say where they were from in the piece I read.

Take your choice, pesticides on your grapes or a black widow spider in your sink!

Tissy Wed 27-Nov-02 12:47:20

Oh no! Just ordered some grapes from, is it too late to cancel?

GeorginaA Wed 27-Nov-02 12:54:38

Tissy: get the delivery man to thoroughly search your shopping bags before they cross the threshhold

zebra Wed 27-Nov-02 12:56:01

Black widow spiders bites aren't so bad. it's the brown recluse spider you've got to watch out for.

(Says the native Californian. I've only once ever seen one in the wild).

We were raised to watch out for B.Widows around dry wood; presumably the spiders are getting into the packing crates.

Batters Wed 27-Nov-02 12:57:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Scatterbrain Wed 27-Nov-02 13:02:25

What are you all complaining about ? It's not often that you get a freebie with grapes !

And actually - my grapes just arrived from - sadly no free gift this time though !

sobernow Wed 27-Nov-02 13:08:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

WideWebWitch Wed 27-Nov-02 13:10:20

ah but sobernow they're even more lethal once made into wine

SofiaAmes Wed 27-Nov-02 13:10:35

I would guess that your chances of not only getting a bunch of grapes with a black widow spider, but then getting bit by the spider and then dying from it are VERY VERY VERY slim. There is probably a much higher chance of being injured/dying from driving the extra mile to a different store (that probably gets their grapes from the same place) than Tesco to buy the grapes.

ps this is part of why i don't buy organic anything. I'd rather wash off the slight residue of pesticide that remains than fight through the creepy crawlies etc. in organic produce. Not to mention that I am very allergic to sulfites which are one of the main "approved" pesticides allowed for use with organic fruit/veg, and isn't used much in non-organic farming. If your child has asthma, you might want to think twice about organic produce as it is very common for asthmatics (like me) to be allergic to sulfites.

GeorginaA Wed 27-Nov-02 13:28:25

Sofia - didn't know that about sulfides. Was feeling guilty because I've always bought organic for a while now but budget just doesn't stretch anymore. Won't feel quite as guilty now!

GeorginaA Wed 27-Nov-02 13:29:01

(I should have added to that last message that I'm asthmatic - makes more sense to the context!)

slug Wed 27-Nov-02 13:52:44

Dh noticed the news item just as the sluglet was posting her third grape of the day down the endless pit that is her fat gob. (It was 8am and already she was grazing)

We briefly stopped to have a look, but anyone touching her precious grapes gets subjected to a high pitched wail at maximum volume. It's so loud that any spiders that lasted the journey are probably dead by now

Azzie Wed 27-Nov-02 14:01:55

Hmmm... we get through a lot of Tesco grapes since dd figured out that it was quicker to get them out of the fridge herself rather than waiting for lazy mummy to shift her a***e off the sofa and fetch them for her. Maybe I'd better make dh check the bag thoroughly when he brings it home from Tescos each Saturday morning .

janh Wed 27-Nov-02 16:08:38

SofiaAmes, I have noticed that the wording re pesticides on bags of organic produce is a bit shifty so I have wondered what they use instead - DH is very suspicious of organics not from the UK and not over-keen on the UK stuff - maybe I'll stick to the pesticided produce in future too!

zebra, it said on the news piece that black widow venom is 15 times worse than rattlesnake venom - not that that means anything to us either - if you did get bitten (by a BW I mean, never heard of your BR!) how bad would it be?

Chinchilla Wed 27-Nov-02 19:06:23

Oh God, I've got a bag in the fridge! And, after reading this thread, I'm itching all over...bloody spider phobias

SoupDragon Wed 27-Nov-02 19:15:48

I've just finished a bag of Tescos grapes - do you mean I shouldn't have eaten that large furry one with the legs???

GeorginaA Wed 27-Nov-02 19:38:20


SofiaAmes Wed 27-Nov-02 22:01:43

They said on tv, so it must be true, that 3 bw's have been found so far. One is now in the london zoo. They also said that the bites are only fatal in 1% of cases. A normal healthy adult will just be sick and in pain for a few days. But it could kill a child or elderly person or someone who's sickly.

emsiewill Wed 27-Nov-02 23:18:10

One of the women who found a apider was on Five Live this morning - she gave the Tescos spokesman a hard time. But she didn't seem to traumatised by the experience - she called her friend's husband, and he "got rid of" (ie squashed) the spider!
The Tesco man advised calling the RSPCA if you find one - can't see it myself, think I'd just get something big and thick and .....WHACK!

Katherine Thu 28-Nov-02 10:21:09

Oh well at least its new ammunition to stop DH feeding the children grapes as we do the shopping (see early thread on grapes and theft, can't remember title). I most definitily don't do it any more but not sure you'll even find me in the fruit isle now!

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