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sorry, another e3 question.

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misdee Sun 19-Dec-04 16:04:43

wheres the best place online to order one from. need a doubles kit, cocoon and raincover as well. i have compared kiddicare and comfty kids, and kiddi care is cheaper. what other palces should itry.

LadyW Sun 19-Dec-04 16:05:33

two left feet?

misdee Sun 19-Dec-04 16:09:28

kiddicare still cheaper!!!

ooo i hope my money clears quickly!

LadyW Sun 19-Dec-04 16:26:20

take it your excited about buying it then

LIZS Sun 19-Dec-04 16:27:26

Practical pushchairs here ?

LIZS Sun 19-Dec-04 16:29:34

Baby Days here

misdee Sun 19-Dec-04 16:29:48

very excited. seems like kiddicare is still cheaper!!

are they good for delivery etc?

LadyW Sun 19-Dec-04 16:31:37

kiddicare so you mean for deivery??

misdee Sun 19-Dec-04 16:32:40

yeah. never used kiddicare before, and dont want to be stuck lol.

price to beat is £350.98

lockets Sun 19-Dec-04 16:34:02

Message withdrawn

pixiefish Sun 19-Dec-04 16:35:02

remember to go there on the link through mumsnet- that way mumsnet get some dosh

LadyW Sun 19-Dec-04 16:36:38

yes kiddicare are excellent we ordered a maclaren on the monda morning and it came ednsda morning

misdee Sun 19-Dec-04 16:38:41

will do. am hoping money will be in tuesday.

LadyW Sun 19-Dec-04 16:41:30

when are you due misdee??

misdee Sun 19-Dec-04 16:42:46

march. but i have a 2yr old as well, and as i dont drive i need (hahaha) a new buggy. maternity grant is being paid this week.

LadyW Sun 19-Dec-04 16:46:06

ooh lovely - of course you need it

misdee Sun 19-Dec-04 16:50:57

only women understand that lol

just making sure i have enough to cover enw car seat as well.

LadyW Sun 19-Dec-04 16:53:52

babys-mart have a britax baby sure for £32.95

misdee Sun 19-Dec-04 16:56:26

cool. will check it fits my dh car., or i could borrow one..........

LadyW Sun 19-Dec-04 16:57:46

redshoedreindeer Sun 19-Dec-04 20:13:50

kiwi-kid in california have them cheaper, but you might have to add vat at customs...

misdee Sun 19-Dec-04 20:27:18

how do i figure that all out? and the exchange rate etc?

ernest Mon 20-Dec-04 14:03:40

try here

Pollyanna Mon 20-Dec-04 14:34:22

have you tried Pramworld ((£299 including double kit)?

misdee Mon 20-Dec-04 22:08:06

works out at £232.95 at interbank rate (whatever that is). what am i likely to pay in taxes etc?

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