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new maclaren wheels needed

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buttercup Tue 26-Nov-02 16:15:53

does anyone know where/how to get replacment parts for maclaren buggies? I've done it before but cant remember and have spent half an hour searching the web with no results. any tips very welcome, thanks.

willow2 Tue 26-Nov-02 17:12:45

John Lewis might be able to help as they act as service centre for Mclarens bought there.

batey Tue 26-Nov-02 19:58:20

Where do you live, roughly? Only I'm in Bath and have had my Macaren back wheels replaced 3 times over 4 years,we walk ALOT!!! The man who does it, and any other buggy problem works "through" our local toy/baby shop,he's there twice a week and v. reasonable,about 10 pounds or so for wheels, 7 for fixing a bolt and 20 pounds when a wheel and all the gubbins fell off!! So it may be worth ringing independant toy/baby shops who may have a similar set up. I know my sister has a similar set up in a shop in Hertford. HTH.

SofiaAmes Tue 26-Nov-02 23:24:41

Why don't you contact Maclaren? If you don't have a number for them, I've got it somewhere. They may send it for free if you think it wore out too quickly.

buttercup Wed 27-Nov-02 09:37:54

Sofiaames - yes, it would be great to get the tel no from you. thanks

SofiaAmes Wed 27-Nov-02 13:02:43

Maclaren's number is 01327842662. They also have email listed as I also have a list of uk repair and service agents that came with the buggy if you don't have any luck.

Jaybee Wed 27-Nov-02 13:27:33

I live about 8 miles from the Maclaren factory - if I can help - please shout!!

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