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Anyone used those new straighteners that dry your hair too?

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CountessDingDongDrac Fri 17-Dec-04 21:53:20

They just sound so fantastic, I can't believe they work! Mind you I thought that about GHDs too and if the house was burning down I would have to think twice about whether to rescue my family or my ghds

I want to know if it is really quick or do you just spend hours straightening instead of drying?

CountessDingDongDrac Sun 26-Dec-04 20:24:34

comeon someone must have got them forxmas!

TwasTheNightBeforeXmasOwl Mon 27-Dec-04 05:48:46

i want them, i want them, i want them....santa didnt bring them..not gonna spend £70 until i know they work so im bumping this!

SantaGoesToTheGym Mon 27-Dec-04 05:51:41

What are GHDs

bonniej Mon 27-Dec-04 09:52:10

i got my dh to buy me them when they first came out. they dry your hair really quickly and at first i was thrilled with the result, i thought i'd be able to throw my hairdryer away! only problem is, you can't get too close to the root or you burn your head (ouch) and therefore end up with wet roots that need blasting with the dryer. that in itself wasn't so bad. I also found even though they claim to seal in moisture, my hair ended up really brittle and lifeless looking. I like straight hair but with a bit of body, whereas these just completely flattened it. I've got bleached hair anyway so am maybe not the best person to have tried them. TBH I tend not to use them to dry now, but just straighten and at £85 they were quite pricey.

TwasTheNightBeforeXmasOwl Tue 28-Dec-04 08:21:58

sounds perfect to me as my hair is really thick and i do not like body! i like it completely flat. do you think they would be ok for use say every once a month? thats all i really go out now. my hair is bleached highlights so i dont tend to even use the hairdryer now if i can get away with it.

SantaGoesToTheGym Wed 29-Dec-04 15:13:40

WHAT ARE GHD'S and yes I know was shouting but I did ask two days ago and for me that is very patient LOL

sallyhollyberry Wed 29-Dec-04 15:26:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sallyhollyberry Wed 29-Dec-04 15:27:57

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SPARKLER1clausiscomingtotown Wed 29-Dec-04 15:30:39

sgttg - great hairy donuts? giant hamster dish??????

Aniles Wed 29-Dec-04 15:31:56

Santa, GHD stands for good hair day. It's a brand of hair straighteners. HTH

SantaGoesToTheGym Wed 29-Dec-04 15:33:17

Thank you

It was driving me crazy

sallyhollyberry Wed 29-Dec-04 15:38:53

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

hollybet Wed 29-Dec-04 15:44:14

GHD's are the most important thing in my house, much more important than the tv, or the washing machine. I love my GHD's more than certain members of my family and certainly more than certain memebers of dp's family

JanH Wed 29-Dec-04 16:54:23

My DDs got GHDs from us for Christmas. They have both had at least 2 different cheaper ones before. When they started using the GHDs (instantly! They were out of the box and plugged in within seconds!) they both sounded like the fake orgasm in When Harry Met Sally. They are that good, apparently

I got theirs from - you have to register as a member but then they are £88, which is quite a good price anyway and includes a £9 bottle of thermal protection spray and 4 of those metal sectioning clips. (You can get mini ones for less.)

TwasTheNightBeforeXmasOwl Wed 29-Dec-04 22:52:37

im thinking im sold with the wet to straight! looks like fighting my way through the sales then....

Dreams Wed 29-Dec-04 23:02:22

these sound fantastic i had never ever heard of them before but looks like i am off to argos to buy some now!! cant wait to try them. thanks ladys!!!

snowyduck Fri 31-Dec-04 20:23:31

i got vidal sassoon straighteners for christmas and the effect is fab..but..i am now addicted and my hair looks even more super crap when i don't use them!
Not sure whether they are damaging my hair or whether i am noticing now that i am doing more with my hair but i seem to have loads of little bitty bits (broken off hair ??? don't know) i have been putting serum on. Does anyone have any advice about this for me? is it the straighteners?

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