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Trundle bed/guest bed thingies

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mrsmalumbas Fri 07-Mar-08 16:28:12

I'd love to have a spare double bed, but we don't have space to have one as a permanent fixture - guests currently have to sleep on a double airbed which is okay for friends but not so good for the ageing in-laws etc. So what I am thinking about is buying one of those single beds with a trundle bed underneath that converts to a double. This will be for DD to use as a regular bed but it could then double up as a guest bed and when she is older could be sued for sleepovers etc (she will have to temporarily in with her sister on the odd occasion we have visitors). My question is - are the trundle bed thingies really any good? I have been looking at them online and am wondering if the trundle bed bits are hard to put up and possibly more trouble than they are worth? I want a nice wooden bedstead type one not a divan type one. Any thoughts oh wise ones?

VintageGardenia Fri 07-Mar-08 16:31:13

I'm just hoping you don't get sued for sleepovers.

GrapefruitMoon Fri 07-Mar-08 16:31:51

I've had the divan type and it was absolutely fine - we used it as you are proposing: dd's regular bed and the guest bed pulled out when we had visitors/sleepovers. The guest bed had folding legs (and castors) which swung out when you lifted up an end. Not particularly tricky to put up at all.

BosworthBear Fri 07-Mar-08 19:34:03

We have one in each childs room, one is an M&S one and one is a raylon (?) one. Both brilliant. Just bare in mind that a standard single becomes a kingsize and a 2'8" becomes a double if you are at all space restricted.

mrsmalumbas Sat 08-Mar-08 15:29:59

Ok, sounds like my plan might work then, thanks. (Yes I hope I don't get sued for sleepovers as well lol!)

jalopy Sat 08-Mar-08 16:05:39

I've got two trundle beds. One from John Lewis and one from M&S. Both excellent, comfortable and easy to put up.

iheartdusty Sat 08-Mar-08 16:19:26

if it is going to be for older visitors it is worth getting one where the trundle section comes up as high as a normal bed.

we got one online, nice wooden bedstead style
from here

MaggieW Sat 08-Mar-08 20:00:00

I've been in John Lewis today for just the same thing. They have two styles. One a simple wooden frame style, the other a divan style, which didn't look as sturdy, both for £595 incl mattresses. The man said manufacturers don't put very good mattresses on guest beds, for obvious reasons, but having said that, the mattress on the wooden frame one was quite comfortable. Both can be seen online.

div22c Tue 21-Jul-09 22:55:08

Reviving this thread as I have a pretty similar need - single bed convertible to king/superking size. Preferably not a divan. Found a few online, see here and here. There isn't anything in the product description to suggest that the two parts of the beds are linked together. Doesn't this make it uncomfortable when used as a fullsized bed? Also, how sturdy does the pull out part feel, am a bit concerned that it may feel a bit wobbly when whoever is sleeping on it turns over. Wondering if anyone has experience of using them and can give me a little more insight?

div22c Tue 21-Jul-09 23:12:45

Also saw some daybeds which can be converted to king/superking beds on the Next website but they seem to sell frames only, not the mattresses. Would appreciate any suggestions.

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