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morris mouse

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OnTheJA9thDayOfChristmas Thu 16-Dec-04 19:08:45

just received present for ds that needs changing - where is the 'morris mouse'range of baby clothing from? anyone know?


CaRowlers Thu 16-Dec-04 19:14:33

Think it's matalan

tassis Thu 16-Dec-04 19:21:58

definately matalan

(is there a matalan in stirling?)

Yorkiegirl Thu 16-Dec-04 19:22:06

Message withdrawn

OnTheJA9thDayOfChristmas Thu 16-Dec-04 19:40:02

Thanks. No matalan in stirling. Nearest is Falkirk. Any plans to go there tassis?

(Ps Tassis u popping round for your cutter thing? - i'm about to go for a looong bath, but i'll wait 4 u if u coming round)

tassis Thu 16-Dec-04 19:53:29

Decided to cut them with scissors instead. Don't think I plan to go to Falkirk before the Next sale starts! HAve a lovely bath...

Twiga Fri 31-Dec-04 18:08:28

Ja9, did you ever get this sorted? Could have a look up here if you want?!

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