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Can anyone tell me where there is a Mothercare Outlet store in the UK?

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weirdbird Tue 04-Mar-08 23:24:13

I have tried googling, but Mothercare don't list them anywhere I could find on there website.

I know there is one or more but don't know where they are, can anyone help?

SparklyGothKat Tue 04-Mar-08 23:28:50

There is one in Cornwall apparently

PurplePillow Tue 04-Mar-08 23:30:01

Where abouts are you weirdbird? If you give me you nearest town I will find out for yousmile

PurplePillow Tue 04-Mar-08 23:31:41

There's one in carlisle, not sure where else

weirdbird Tue 04-Mar-08 23:33:12

I am next to Heathrow, ty ever so much!

PurplePillow Tue 04-Mar-08 23:46:58

Ok not sure where is closest so i've found 6 in London area, they are

Brent Cross SC 0208 202 5377
416 Brixton Road, Brixton 0207 733 1494
Unit 7 The Waterglade Centre 1-8 The Broadway Ealing 0208 579 6181
Ravenside BP Angel Road Edmonton 0208 807 5518
146 High Street Eltham 0208 859 7957
4 Palace Gardens Enfield Middlesex 0208 367 1188

Hope that helpsgrin

LadyOfWaffle Tue 04-Mar-08 23:58:38

i've never heard of there being any around here (near Heathrow also!), none at Swindon outlet village anyway.

weirdbird Wed 05-Mar-08 00:38:43

Are there any in Surrey?

I there anywhere online that lists them?

weirdbird Wed 05-Mar-08 00:39:46

Only I would prefer not to have to drive into central London or trek round the M25 if I can

PurplePillow Wed 05-Mar-08 08:50:25

Hi weirdbird and ladyofwafflegrin

I got the listing on www mothercare co uk then go to find a store near you then if you enter your postcode it will list your local store.

Hope that helps you bothsmile

HappyNewYearFeet06 Wed 05-Mar-08 09:26:20

Does that list the outlet stores though?? Or just the normal Mothercare stores??

themildmanneredjanitor Wed 05-Mar-08 09:30:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PrePG Wed 05-Mar-08 10:42:46

The one on Brixton Road isn't an outlet store. It's a very small regular Mothercare.

weirdbird Wed 05-Mar-08 12:13:00

The mothercare website just lists the normal stores though, it doesnt say if they are outlet stores

fryalot Wed 05-Mar-08 12:15:46

There's one in York

PurplePillow Wed 05-Mar-08 15:37:16

If you phoned the London stores would they be able to tell you where the nearest outlet store is?

If not use the "contact us" link or maybe phone 08453 30 40 70.

Hope this helpsgrin

NatalieJane Wed 05-Mar-08 15:41:41

Does it have to be Mothercare? There are 2 'discount' stores I can think of off the top of my head, a bit of a drive away from you, but maybe worth it (they do both do online shopping, though from reviews I'd leave one of them alone unless you can get into the showroom)

southeastastra Wed 05-Mar-08 15:45:18

watford has a big one on the retail park

weirdbird Wed 05-Mar-08 18:35:32

Oh which retail park is it in Watford as when I google there seems to be more than one, and none of them seem to list Mothercare.

weirdbird Wed 05-Mar-08 19:06:17

Yeah it has to be Mothercare, am just wondering if there is one that I might pass vaguely near on my travels, but the existence and location of them seem to be rope in mystery!

sazm Wed 05-Mar-08 19:33:14

hi sorry to hijack,but purplepillow could you tell me where the mothercare outlet is in carlisle please????
also is it much cheaper than the normal stores?

mano1 Sun 18-Mar-12 17:20:39

hi purple pillow ur information helped me as well as to weirdbird.let me ask one thing the mothercare in Ealing is my nearest but R u sure that one is outlet?or if anyone elseknows about this branch please help me.thanks

Abracadabra31 Tue 24-Nov-15 23:24:11

Outlet Store Address
Mothercare - Rotherham 608
Retail World, Stadium Way
S60 1TG
Telephone: 01709 780111

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