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8 Foot Trampoline WITH Enclosure £89.99 !

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ROSEgarden Tue 04-Mar-08 12:05:17

B&M, friend got one yesterday, mum went down to get dd one for her birthday this morn, very sturdy, take adult weight too and the sell steps(£8) and cover for it too!..thought id pass this on as ive been after one for dd for ages but was looking at about £150+ with enclosure!

aefondkiss Tue 04-Mar-08 12:11:51

what is B&M?

my mum is thinking of getting one for my dd and ds, but I need to persuade dh too.

sazm Tue 04-Mar-08 12:12:11

goodness that is good,we just bought our dd the little £49.99 one from woolies which is good,(but no good for adults)

ROSEgarden Tue 04-Mar-08 12:12:56

like a discounty sell everything kinda shop B&M (bargain madness), think theyre affiliated with Glynn Webb?

aefondkiss Tue 04-Mar-08 12:16:28

thanks rosegarden, think they are only in England.

ROSEgarden Tue 04-Mar-08 16:12:56

aw sorry were are you?

caprice4sho Mon 18-Jun-18 18:49:24

14ft Trampoline in the box wanting to be utilised screaming fun perfectly safe and having the benefit of never been used nor assembled. It is nice feeling to have a brown box heavy with all parts and manual to take you through the process of assembling this great trampoline. You can be the first experience of this gigantic trampoline.

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