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Should I go for a white Granite sink?

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grannyslippers Tue 04-Mar-08 09:59:44

We inherited our kitchen and though not really to taste it's not ready to be replaced yet. But the sink (Carron Phoenix Granite here in dark blue) has developed a leaking crack, and the supplier is going to replace it under warranty smile

Problem is, the only available colours now are selection of greys, browns, black and white. I never liked the blue one much and as our kitchen is quite country-piney (see here) hmm I thought white would look best

Am I condemning myself to hours of bleaching to keep it clean or has anyone experience of this kind of thing in white? It's a very high quality composite but the blue one has developed some scratches over the years which the stains have set into. And if not white, what colour. Hate the thought of choosing a beige sink voluntarily!

HappyNewYearFeet06 Tue 04-Mar-08 10:43:08

Hmmmm, Unsure about white granite. Would it stain easily???

White would look nicest but as you say you don't want to be bleaching it all the time to keep it white. I have to with my sink and it does my head in (although only a cheapy sink, lol!).

Maybe go for one of the greys that may look nice. I wouldn't personally go for beige and definately not black.

HTH. xx

WendyWeber Tue 04-Mar-08 10:52:07

Hi, gs. I have got a white granitey sink - I think it would be easy enough to keep it clean without bleach if I was the only one who used it. If nobody else uses yours then I think the same would apply - things like teabags left on the side or the remains of coffee poured in and not rinsed away are the main culprits.

OTOH black would match your range top, go with your worktop too, and hardly ever show any marks at all smile

I don't know why you hmmd about your piney kitchen, I love it!

grannyslippers Tue 04-Mar-08 12:52:30

It's not a bad kitchen at all, tbh, but a bit twiddly for me. The previous owners spent a lot on it though, and at least it's colourful and cosy.

Have messed about with my photo in Photoshop now and think white is definitely most pleasing to look at.

grannyslippers Tue 04-Mar-08 20:58:43

Any more feedback?

JoyS Wed 05-Mar-08 16:41:19

We have an off white one like that and it is the bane of my existence. You cannot keep it looking nice, no matter how often you bleach and scrub it. Every half-drunk cup of tea poured down it leaves a mark, my stainless steel pots and pans leave marks, looking at it funny leaves a bloody mark! I would get one of the dark ones and hope for the best.

hana Wed 05-Mar-08 16:44:20

we have a double white porcelain sink from ikea and its grea.t. lvoe it. no stains at all - I do bleach it out when ti's looking a bit grubby.

noddyholder Wed 05-Mar-08 16:48:26

That kitchen would look good painted if you could be botherered as it looks good quality

grannyslippers Wed 05-Mar-08 19:05:59

Noddyholder that is a good point and one we have thought about. I have painted kitchen cabinets before, Farrow & Ball etc, the full monty, it is quite a lot of work especially with all the separate doors and drawers. Maybe one day...

grannyslippers Wed 05-Mar-08 19:13:41

Joy I feel for you. I think any colour will stain unless it is the mid beige, which I can't bear to look at. Dark colours (like the blue) just get light stains.

glivett Fri 04-Jan-19 11:14:38

Is it quartz? We have a white one in our holiday home and it needs bleaching every week or so. It isn't quartz. It's bot plastic either, IDK what it is.... I'm really tempted by white quartz but am being put off it now!! TIA

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