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having a green tweed coat crisis

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Moomin Tue 14-Dec-04 22:16:28

help! am going to a wedding on saturday and have sorted an outfit (black skirt, black top, fishnets, knee length boots and lurvely green jewellery including fab green gen broach(/brooch?!). have now set my heart on green coat, preferably a tweedy one but have had very little luck tracking one down.
found one in debenhams that sort-of fits the bill but in the shop they didn't have my size. could always buy online but in the shop they have an offer of £25 off the £65, which they are not doing online! Can't get to a bigger store between now and saturday so am in a quandry about whther to buy coat in store for extra money (but i'm also losing weight at the moment so the one that's too big will be way too big soon!) or order online and pay extra.
OR does anyone know of any other coats for under £100 that fit the bill and i can buy for sat?
and don't advise me not to wear what i'm wearing - i've set my sad heart on it

codswallop Tue 14-Dec-04 22:17:03

emai them and try to gett hem to match the in store price?

Moomin Tue 14-Dec-04 22:17:30

der - meant 'buy the one in the shop for less money'...

Moomin Tue 14-Dec-04 22:18:19

have already rung and they said online and store sales are completely seperate - it's up to stores to organise their own offers, apparently.

codswallop Tue 14-Dec-04 22:18:42

what about anpother coat though?

merrymarthamoo Tue 14-Dec-04 22:18:42

I like it! Agree with coddy - email and say they should match instore price and you are not a happy bunny.

merrymarthamoo Tue 14-Dec-04 22:19:37

Oh bum, dunno then.

codswallop Tue 14-Dec-04 22:19:44

not he bat

codswallop Tue 14-Dec-04 22:19:58

or a velvet jacket?
very in at he mo

Moomin Tue 14-Dec-04 22:20:09

yes please to another coat - but where from? there are loads of pink ones around but not green

princesspink Tue 14-Dec-04 22:20:42

i know of one but what size are you?

merrymarthamoo Tue 14-Dec-04 22:22:37

also not the bat

codswallop Tue 14-Dec-04 22:24:30

why not get a pncho pashmina afair?
ow useful woufld a green coat be long term?

codswallop Tue 14-Dec-04 22:26:58

laos if you look at
long cardigans and frou frou type things
and It hink woudl go well

Moomin Tue 14-Dec-04 22:28:07

size 16 but can get into a generous 14
the next one is too blue (i'm a fussy b@$@d aren't i)
could maybe try a poncho but i really would wear a green coat (while i'm robbing the rich to feed the poor)

codswallop Tue 14-Dec-04 22:28:26

look at monsoon

merrymarthamoo Tue 14-Dec-04 22:30:26

It's teal - it's a greeny blue, you fussy so n' so

codswallop Tue 14-Dec-04 22:32:14

what about htis one


codswallop Tue 14-Dec-04 22:32:30

shit! here

Moomin Tue 14-Dec-04 22:33:07

yes just looked at monsoon. yumptious stuff - although not sure how often i would wear one of their froufrou cardies, compared with my imaginary all-purpose knockemdead green coat

merrymarthamoo Tue 14-Dec-04 22:33:34

what you find when you put green tweed coat in google NOT THE BAT

Moomin Tue 14-Dec-04 22:33:49

pmsl! how did you get a photo of the bride to be?

merrymarthamoo Tue 14-Dec-04 22:37:08

what about this? not the bat

Moomin Tue 14-Dec-04 22:42:29

dh is now choffchoffing angrily because i made him get out of bed to see those links

cazzybabs Tue 14-Dec-04 22:52:49

too dear

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