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Epilators ... yes or no? Any recommendations

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millie1 Thu 28-Feb-08 18:59:20

Thinking of buying an epilator or else a ladyshaver of some sort. Does anyone have any comments or recommendations (for or against!) the epilator? Would a ladyshaver be a better investment ... although I last had one of those about 15 years ago and don't recall it being very effective. Maybe they've moved on since then? grin.


Heathcliffscathy Thu 28-Feb-08 19:01:03

yes, if you have quite a high pain threshold. very effective, BUT i find ingrowing hairs a real problem.

still trying to get that sorted this end, but otherwise i love mine.

Dropdeadfred Thu 28-Feb-08 19:02:07

i love my epilator...exfoliate well to avoid ingrowing hairs

Furball Thu 28-Feb-08 19:02:18

I use an epilator on my legs - they pull the hairs out so it's abit like waxing. I actually have 2 and use them together to confuse my brain where the 'pain' is. It is tingly but you get used to it and it lasts for 5 or 6 weeks.

lady shavers are a waste of money IMHO. Much quicker and smoother with a bic razor.

assdoc Thu 28-Feb-08 19:03:00

I had one years ago. I Found it excruciatingly painful and not particularly effective. Waxing is much more effective and virtually painless by comparisson.

TurkeyLurkey Thu 28-Feb-08 19:03:22

Oooh I have and epilady and it hurts like buggery. Take some paracetamol or nurofen before you do it. I can only manage to do my legs with one..the thought of doing other lady bits are just toooo painful to contemplate.

VanillaPumpkin Thu 28-Feb-08 19:03:58

OMG the pain of an epilator was AWFUL. And I had to go over and over the same spot to get all the hairs. Don't do it. Waxing much better IMO.

assdoc Thu 28-Feb-08 19:04:19

Perhaps they've come on a bit in the last few years then! What type do you all use?

VanillaPumpkin Thu 28-Feb-08 19:05:14

Tingly, OMG I thought I would pass out!

Well sort of.....

It bloody hurt.

millie1 Thu 28-Feb-08 19:08:47

Goodness ... what quick responses - thank you! Okay, for those in the 'love 'em' camp ... can you please tell me what type you use and whether you'd recommend it?

TurkeyLurkey Thu 28-Feb-08 19:09:06

God you lot who are saying epilating doesn't hurt must be rock 'ard.

millie1 Thu 28-Feb-08 19:11:25

Is it really that sore???

TurkeyLurkey Thu 28-Feb-08 19:12:10

Yes, but I am a wuss!!!

Dropdeadfred Thu 28-Feb-08 19:19:18

i epilate my legs and underarms..first time agony, subsequent times get easier and easier...DO NOT shave inbetween or it takes you right back to the first pain level again...!!

avenanap Thu 28-Feb-08 19:22:04

I have one of those you put in the freezer. it still hurts like hell. It hurts alot less if you do it when you've just got out of the bath as your pores are more open. Exfoliate from a couple of days later to prevent ingrowing hairs.

Furball Thu 28-Feb-08 22:16:04

I'd been having my legs waxed every 5-6 weeks at £12 a shot for 2 1/2 years which is far more painful so to speak. Top tip is not to leave the hairs too long, keep em short and it's better. Also it's quite tender round the back and on your ankles. It helps to keep the skin taught with one hand. I don't do that - just use an epilator in each hand and it's not as painful because your brain can't quite register whats the blazes is going on. Much better than using one on it's own.

JossStick Thu 28-Feb-08 22:38:53

I have a smashing Babyliss thing that chuffs off the skin on your legs and rotates and everyfin and everyfin.

I find it fab as i have very sensitive skin (think dunk them near paint and my nails drop off). It's really very none intrusive.

millie1 Thu 28-Feb-08 22:48:16

So, either fantastic or sheer agony. Hmm. Shall have a look on-line and see what I can come up with ... have the most awful varicose veins blush at the moment (the joys of pregnancy) and am waaay too embarrassed to have my legs waxed hence my sudden interest in an epilator grin.

Shall have a look at Babyliss - are there any other brands to consider? I've read that Philips do a good one ??

pofaced Thu 28-Feb-08 22:56:36

I got a something or other "satin" or "silk" with a bit you put in the freezer to reduce pain... it's pretty sore but survivable for lower leg but avoid it just before your period and do it after bath/ shower when legs are warm/ follicles open. But beware: you end up with lots of hairs on the sheet/ floor/ wherever you rest your leg is you rae as hairy as desperate dan/ me

lateylate Sat 01-Mar-08 19:28:54

I've got a Braun Silk Epil, which has saved a small fortune on waxing:

Pros: see above. It also means I don't have to wait for regrowth to get smooth legs. This model has a "beginner" setting which means you can use it in a less effective but less painful way until you get used to it. The pain does lessen - it really doesn't bother me now.
Also, for a busy mum, it means you can defuzz when it suits you, rather than remember to make a salon appointment for a wax.
Cons: It does hurt - but no more than waxing now I'm used to it. It doesn't give as good a job as a good waxer would, unless you're patient and spend a long time making sure you haven't missed anything.
And I'm not brave enough to use it on the bikini line...although it is possible to do so...I still have a professional wax for that. I am dark-haired and rather hirsute left to nature!
Ingrown hairs can be a problem, but exfoliating with a body brush and using moisturiser helps.

lateylate Sat 01-Mar-08 19:30:03

Oh, and put an old towel down on the floor when you epilate, that saves the hairs stuck in the carpet...just chuck it in the wash afterwards.

millie1 Sat 01-Mar-08 23:27:18

Thanks pofaced and lateylate. I haven't got round to having a browse yet but must just go onto Boots website now for a look grin

millie1 Tue 04-Mar-08 20:03:31

Okay, if any experts are around, I'm tossing between these two: 660847&sr=1-1 nal&qid=1204660914&sr=1-2

They both have good reductions through Amazon. Philips has a ceramic head which, according to Amazon, is good but I can't find anything elsewhere (and truthfully haven't looked too hard wink) to back that comment up.

So, before I order, do any epilation experts have a view? Thanks a million grin

abigaillockhart Tue 04-Mar-08 20:07:48

I bought this. It's cheap as I wasn't sure how I would get on with it but I love it!!

Furball Tue 04-Mar-08 21:50:07

I have a 20 year old braun silk epil and a brand new phillips satinelle basic one and I can honestly say if I shut my eyes I would not know the difference in a) pain or b) result - both deliver the same top result with the same pain - it does help if you have shorter hairs and I've found it even better using the two together it really does confuse the brain.

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