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anyone in Paris????

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Carameli Mon 13-Dec-04 19:28:39

Just asking this in case any Paris mums out there have any ideas. My was flying to Paris this evening with a colleague who worked there and she had bought Chrismtas crackers when she was in the Uk as a suprise for her family as it seems sh can't get them there. But they confiscated them at the airport. Does anyone have any good ideas? I have lived abroad before so feel really sorry for her and wanted to try and help.

Caribbeanqueen Mon 13-Dec-04 19:48:04

Carameli, I saw Christmas crackers in the WH Smith opposite Tivoli gardens. I only noticed because they had Winnie the Pooh ones, but I guess they must have had others!

Carameli Mon 13-Dec-04 20:28:42

thanks for that I will pass the message on. I just really feel for her. I lived in Helsinki for a few years and remember missing salt and vinegar crisps so much that I would bring loads back with me.

MrsFogi Tue 21-Dec-04 14:08:07

Definately WH Smith on rue de rivoli (opposite Tuilleries gardens) nearest tube is Concorde I think. Thank god for WHS! Only wish M&S was still open here!

MrsFogi Tue 21-Dec-04 14:10:24

Another thought - I wouldn't be surprised if Galleries Lafayette were selling them - they try to be a bit English in their food store (which is a poor replacement for M&S).

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