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Best buggy/stroller for a 2yearold and a newborn - recommendations please

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sassy Sun 12-Dec-04 09:19:16

Am due to have my 2nd baby any day now! Ive bought a buggy board for when we go for walks etc (will attach to travel system) but need a way of keeping very active 2year old strapped in when out shopping (she's recently started to run off in shops etc.) Thought a doulble stroller suitable from birth would be best. Will only get fairly occasional use as I know comfort is limited in strollers.
Any ideas about which to buy or avoid? Ta.

lulupop Sun 12-Dec-04 09:28:57

My DS was 2.5 when DD was born and though he also ran off a lot, I sort of managed without a double buggy. Just used a lot of bribery and threats!

But from friends I gather that for a side by side, the Graco is great (and cheap), lightweight, and folds easily.

The one everyone seems to love is the Mountain Buggy double but that is about £500.

With the buggy board, try her out now on it. I had high hopes for mine but my DS would never go on it. I told him it was a skateboard and thought he'd love it, but he's 3 now and to this day will not go near the thing.

sassy Mon 13-Dec-04 19:02:47

Just bumping this for a more varied response ladies...

lulupop Mon 13-Dec-04 19:06:12

sorry it;s only me again, but just thought I'd add that on the "avoid" bit, the Maclaren I tried was awful. I borrowed one off a friend and it was heavy, hard to fold up, not v comfortable for the baby, and generally more bother than dragging along at snail's pace with ds on foot.

sure someone else'll be along soon with more suggestions

popsycal Mon 13-Dec-04 19:09:39

in similar situation only made more tricky by the fact that my two year old is big for his age...most doubles are too small for him....

am going to wait til just before baby is born and see how he is walking by then. he loves to walk and can walk for a long time - just shops etc i am worried about

popsycal Mon 13-Dec-04 19:10:47

a friend loves the mothercare urban detour double - and that will be the one i go for if i get one....lots of room for chunky toddler

misdee Mon 13-Dec-04 19:15:38

popsycl your ds is similar size to my dd2. and similar age. i am looking at the e3 explorer, as i hate tandems and strollers. far too heavey. i'm gonna pop up to kiddicare in p'boro january time, do u want a report from me?

popsycal Mon 13-Dec-04 19:16:17

oooh yes please misdee!

popsycal Mon 13-Dec-04 19:17:02

am trying to avoid buying one really but I couldnt go into town with ds like he is...even though he is fab walker, i couldnt leave go to open my purse!

misdee Mon 13-Dec-04 19:17:27

i'm gonna spend time wheeling her round the shop lol!!

misdee Mon 13-Dec-04 19:18:10

dd2 is the same. need eyes in back of my head, and she is starting to run fast. very funny to see me struggling to keep up

popsycal Mon 13-Dec-04 19:18:49

sounds familair

mishiclaus Mon 13-Dec-04 19:31:50

hi ladies am watching thread with interest as i am 3 mths pg and my ds is 14mths so will be around 20 mths when bubs arrives...he is great at walking already but i know how quick he can be but also am worried about tantrums etc so misdee the report would be

jennifersofia Mon 13-Dec-04 22:02:14

I have got 19 mths between my two and if I had to do it over I would go for the E3 - my eldest was just too little to do the buggy board thing effectively and she did need to ride quite a bit.

lockets Mon 13-Dec-04 22:18:10

Message withdrawn

ChicPea Mon 13-Dec-04 23:28:32

Have Mothercare side by side: DS 13mths slumps, DD 26mths comfy. Light and easy.
Have Martinelli: very heavy at front, DS hates it.

The above have been put away in favour of:

Phil and Teds E3 - toddler goes in the front, baby in the double kit. It's easy to push, both children are comfortable, I fit through aisles easily, it's light, it's easy to fold up and put into the boot, it looks nice and I think it is comfortable for both children. I bought this from Practical Pushchairs two weeks ago and really wish I had found this ages ago.

mishiclaus Tue 14-Dec-04 10:00:50

hi all..the only thing im dubious about with the e3 is when lo gets bigger are they just looking at the back of the other seat? also i worry i will end up kicking baby in head or something cos effectively they are in the shopping basket.....

wishingchair Tue 14-Dec-04 14:56:00

I have E3 (but am only early pg with second so have none of the accessory bits) and love it. No one who has them seems to complain child at the back gets bored and of course they can look out of the sides and up at you. I actually stopped a woman in the street and asked about kicking them in the head and she assured me that you don't do it!!!

Think it's a good solution just cos it's so versatile and comfy for both of them. Plus at some point, your first will outgrow it and then you've still got a great stroller for your second - not stuck with a double you don't use any more.

Buggy board is no good for us as we live on a busy road so want to be able to strap her in!

princesspink Tue 14-Dec-04 15:03:51

can the front seat be laid flat when the toddler / cacoon is on - i.e when i drop ds at nursery can i then put baby in the front laying flat???

princesspink Tue 14-Dec-04 16:23:25


lulupop Tue 14-Dec-04 18:34:19

front seat can;t go flat when the second seat is fitted.

jigger Tue 14-Dec-04 18:42:58

Having tried both a buggy board & a Mamas&Papas Twin aria in a busy city centre the buggy board wins everytime. Age gap was 2y & 3m and after a bit of training DS took to buggy board very well. Still use it from time to time now & he is 3y 1m. While it was nice to have a double side by side it was very difficult to maneouvre & heavy to push, especially as the 2 of them got bigger.

fjl Tue 14-Dec-04 19:03:26

Hi there, I have just jumped into this discussion as am expecting 2nd in March and will have 17months apart from 1st. I have just starting looking at twin pushcahirs and cant find much choice, I dont like the Macclaren stroller, can someone please tell me where I could look at the e3 or a web site for them. thanks

hollybelle Tue 14-Dec-04 19:51:07

Hi there
My ds was 2 when my dd was born couldn't trust him on a buggy board so bought a m&p aria double buggy (lucky enough to buy it off a friend complete with raincover at less than half price!) I've been happy with it although this time of year it not very easy shopping, good that its light weight but can be difficult to fold!

misdee Tue 14-Dec-04 19:57:56 (is that right?) stock the phil and ted e3 explorer. they are currently doing a free travel cot when u buy one as well!!

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