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M&S Wooden Fort - now available for Christmas delivery

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CelluliteClaus Sat 11-Dec-04 15:47:23

The elusive forts are now available to order and will be delivered in time for Christmas.

Original price £100 (on box), now £15 (my order arrived today).

Product code is T4710D.

Promotional code PCGAFZX gives free P&P up until the 17th Dec.

WigWamBam Sat 11-Dec-04 16:27:46

Thanks, CC! I've ordered mine, what a bargain!

Gobbledigoose Sat 11-Dec-04 16:34:54

It says it doesn't recognise T4710D!

WigWamBam Sat 11-Dec-04 16:40:02

Type "fort" into the search box and it'll find it for you. I forgot to write down the correct code, sorry

Gobbledigoose Sat 11-Dec-04 16:46:03

Done it, ordered it! I feel giddy with excitement at the bargain!!! Honestly, my stomach is churning!!! LOL!!

Was it really £100? It says it was £40 - still a bargain though.

Will probably save mine for a birthday as I've got enough for Xmas but just couldn't resist the discount

CelluliteClaus Sat 11-Dec-04 16:58:34

Sorry, giving duff information - the code is

T21 4710D or 02310022

Yes it definitely was £100, got £100 sticker on box and I've seen it in the catalogue

TheHollyAndTheTwiglett Sat 11-Dec-04 17:13:50

I ordered the £15 one ... what's that like?

does that P&P code work against toys ... it says clothes and homeware

thanks though

misdee Sat 11-Dec-04 17:19:37

Got the fort. dont actually have anyone who needs/wants it tho, but have said i can store it in the loft maybe for next year pressies. oh and if i have a boy lol!!!

how big is it?

Gobbledigoose Sat 11-Dec-04 17:37:00

How exciting is it? I've just called my friend so she's on there ordering one too!

What a bargain if it was £100!!! Retail must really be struggling as I've got so many bargains this christmas - got the ELC dolls house half price too!

Hey hang on, how come I've still managed to spend a small fortune?!

The code works Twig - it only comes off on your confirmation email though.

TheHollyAndTheTwiglett Sat 11-Dec-04 18:18:05

excellent .. good job its DS's birthday in Feb ... can't possibly give him a fort AND a dungeon of darkness for chrissie ... or can I???

GingerBells Sat 11-Dec-04 19:14:56

Bugger, whish I had known about the free p and p code. Mine arrived today, still in Box until DD is asleep

Gobbledigoose Sat 11-Dec-04 19:19:33

I know Twiglett!! I've got DS's a big black and decker workbench with tools etc and I also got the plain dolls house half price (grandparents are giving that though) - so it's just too many 'main' presents. I'm saving it for ds1 b'day in March I think. Gives me time to pick up some accessories to go with it.

Gawd knows where all this stuff is gonna go! It's getting out of hand!

blueteddy Sat 11-Dec-04 22:06:47

Oh, I'm fed up now!
I bought my ds the elc castle when it was half price 4 Christmas & now an even better bargin comes up!

blueteddy Sat 11-Dec-04 22:47:19

bargain even!

MistltAeroAndWine Sat 11-Dec-04 23:13:25

Fabulous - have ordered one either for my nephew's birthday or ds2 next year! Will depend how much I like it.

taramac Sat 11-Dec-04 23:16:09

I got one too - even though they already have ELC castles - new one as well as the old one - but I can't resist a bargain!

Can always sell the old ones on ebay! Does the free p&p definitely come off?

misdee Sat 11-Dec-04 23:17:34

yup it does.


Gobbledigoose Sat 11-Dec-04 23:18:16

Yes it does cos I've had my email and it's total £15! Yipster!

GingerBells Sat 11-Dec-04 23:41:23

Just had the fort out of the box. It is beautiful and very well made. There is a front section with the drawbridge and portcullis, 4 towers and three battlements, all made from oiled alder wood. You assemble the pieces to make the fort - just stack like building blocks really, no assembly as such.

Can't believe it was only 15quid.

Gobbledigoose Sat 11-Dec-04 23:46:12

So would it just fall apart when they are playing with it?

GingerBells Sun 12-Dec-04 00:41:01

Hadn't thought of it like that. I guess it could, but then again, it could be played with in different arrangements, otherwise you could screw it together.

GingerBells Sun 12-Dec-04 00:41:36

But it was only 15 quid so quit complaining

CelluliteClaus Sun 12-Dec-04 05:39:23

They've sold out again now!

Gobbledigoose Sun 12-Dec-04 08:48:14

I'm not complaining - I was just a bit surprised it didn't slot together in some way! I'm sure it's fab!

Sold out already?! Hope my friend got one!

misdee Wed 15-Dec-04 20:06:51

mine arrived today!

gonna check it later.

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