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Have you seen above? Boden sale is ON!!

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cupcakes Fri 10-Dec-04 16:34:37

Thought I'd just bring your attention to it!

MarsselectionboxLady Fri 10-Dec-04 16:35:41


Justine (mumsnet) Fri 10-Dec-04 16:36:19

Don't forget to click through from here or alternatively the buttons on the site (pretty please).

cupcakes Fri 10-Dec-04 16:37:08

Justine, I have been v.good and placed my order accordingly!

FimboCLAUS Fri 10-Dec-04 16:39:42

I ordered a dress this am for my dd which is now in the sale - but came up full price when I placed order- will I now get it at sale price?

mullgedwine Fri 10-Dec-04 17:09:32

Just done my bit too - all the stuff that arrived last week will be going back as i've just ordered it all again in the sale. Bargain! plus the free returns label from MN link. Double bargain!

Justine (mumsnet) Fri 10-Dec-04 17:19:09

FimboClaus think you might have to do what mullgedwine has done. Good luck!

Enideepmidwinter Fri 10-Dec-04 17:42:29

done I have been waiting months to get those t-shirt dresses in the sale and the cord parka for dd2

jojo28 Fri 10-Dec-04 18:00:12

I cannot believe it. I was in the shop yesterday exchanging one item and buying a couple of other things and not a dicky bird about the sale starting today! Is there anything I can do now? The shop is closed while the sale is on I feel like such a twit.

Tinker Fri 10-Dec-04 19:48:08

Gosh nearly bought one those dresses this week, having never bought from them before. The one I really wanted was out of stock but so excited, I bought a slightly different one instead (if it still is really in stock)

popsycal Fri 10-Dec-04 19:52:59

didnt they used to do a lovely boys# lamby fleece thing....??
where is it?

misdee Fri 10-Dec-04 19:53:42

£71 on clothes for dd's. do i click to checkout.......

cupcakes Fri 10-Dec-04 19:56:24

I was looking for the boy's lamby fleece too. They had the plain ones but not the stripy. They're probably holding them back for the clearance sale in January... Got a girl's one for my dd though

popsycal Fri 10-Dec-04 19:57:05

cupcakes - they do have it = stripey sherpa half zip fleece....

popsycal Fri 10-Dec-04 20:00:15

but 4 quid P&P!!!!!

cupcakes Fri 10-Dec-04 20:01:44

Thanks popsycal - the one I was looking for is the Stripy Lamby Funnel Neck. Maybe they were all sold out already! Bought him the plain fleece half zip instead though!

cupcakes Fri 10-Dec-04 20:02:42

I know, I was hoping for free p+p with my mumsnet link! Ah well, can't have everything!!

FimboCLAUS Fri 10-Dec-04 20:11:08

I am not going to do anything about mine. Dress I've ordered DD cost me £18.00 with Mn discount and free p & p. Its in the sale for £13.50 then £4.00 p & p. So I'd only get 50p refund. They must have put sale website up this afternoon as I only ordered the dress at 12.50pm today!!

popsycal Fri 10-Dec-04 20:19:37

hat is the coe for Mn discount then?

popsycal Fri 10-Dec-04 20:20:09

what is the code for MN discount i mean
(got bored with trying to bold each word!!

GingerBells Fri 10-Dec-04 20:26:33

Bugger, thought that I had finished spending this year!! Wish I hadn't seeen this thread now
93quid just winging its merry way to Johnny.....

cupcakes Fri 10-Dec-04 20:28:37

popsycal - you don't get discount in the sale. To get it normally you use the Boden link at the top of this page.

popsycal Fri 10-Dec-04 20:29:16

i dont have a boden link at the top of this page....

cupcakes Fri 10-Dec-04 20:30:22

No? Mine is between the Santa and John Lewis adverts. You can probably find a link on the mumsnet homepage.

Justine (mumsnet) Fri 10-Dec-04 21:21:40

Hi Popsycal,
Apologies but they've stopped the mumsnet discount for the sale period, so our buttons just link through to the sale page.

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