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Breadmaker or Juicer?

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hercyulelog Thu 09-Dec-04 15:39:14

We're getting vouchers from my mum and sister for Christmas and will put the extra ourselves.

We cant decide whether to get a panosonic breadmaker or Anthony Worrall juicer. They are both the same price.

What do you think?

jabberwocky Thu 09-Dec-04 15:41:00

We use our breadmaker at least once a week. I love it. I have considered getting a juicer but have wondered about the expense since I have heard it takes a lot of fruit to make just a little juice.

bonniej Thu 09-Dec-04 15:41:33

I've got a loaf in my breadmaker at the moment and it smells delicious. Very easy and quick and once you find the right recipe the bread's lovely and goes down very well in my house. On the other hand I know people who have got them and don't use them. Never had a juicer so can't comment on that one.

Carameli Thu 09-Dec-04 15:55:49

The idea of a juicer is great but I am not sure I could be bothered with the hassle. I have a panasonic breadmaker and use it all the time. Its so so simple to use.

JaNgLyBELLS Thu 09-Dec-04 15:58:36

I've got a juicer. I've used it about twice. The dis-assembling, washing, drying and putting it together again is too off-putting. The amount of juice you get out makes it not worth it. Whereas I use the breadmaker every weekend. I think a smoothie maker would be good though. Think I might drop some hints for the Kenwood one of those.

hercyulelog Thu 09-Dec-04 15:59:44

What sort of things can you do with a smoothie?

JaNgLyBELLS Thu 09-Dec-04 16:05:30

Well you have to put in something like yogurt or milk with the fruit and then it makes a "smoothie" - thickish fruity drink. And you consume all the fruit, whereas with a juicer you're left with sludge to throw out. Gave one to someone as a pressie and they love it!

Pidge Thu 09-Dec-04 16:07:07

Haven't got either but I would definitely go for the breadmaker - am thinking of getting one myself. Just think of those delicious homemade breads. Yum.

JaNgLyBELLS Thu 09-Dec-04 16:13:18

Would it stretch to a breadmaker and a smoothie maker - they'd go together so well!

hercyulelog Thu 09-Dec-04 16:15:57

it would be a compromise to get a smoothie maker as well as the breadmaker. DH wants the juicer. I want the bread maker. we cant agree.

bundleofyulelogs Thu 09-Dec-04 16:17:08

breadmaker, as you can always get a hand blender (only about 20 quid) for making the occasional smoothie/juicy thing

JaNgLyBELLS Thu 09-Dec-04 16:18:56

Well then, I'd say go for the panasonic breadmaker. You won't be sorry. and the smoothie maker is perhaps more of a summer thing.

hercyulelog Thu 09-Dec-04 16:27:00

Thanks all. Just seen a panasonic breadmaker on Amazon for £40. Should I buy it even though our vouchers are for Allders and dh doesnt know?

hercyulelog Thu 09-Dec-04 16:32:20

bump. How on earth can i be expected to make this decision on my own?

jingleballs Thu 09-Dec-04 16:35:53

bread maker, we have one, the bread smells lovely, and is just as nice as shop bought.

Juicers - would you really use it?

hercyulelog Thu 09-Dec-04 16:38:18

How often do you use your breadmaker? DO you never buy shop bread now?

jingleballs Thu 09-Dec-04 16:41:12

er, honestly, when we first got it I never bought from the shop no, it was always on the go, now thou, 18 months later, it normally comes out when money's tight at the end of the month and we've got enough for milk but not much else! It did start to go spongey as well, (but that's prob cos i couldn't be bothered any more) our one takes 3 hrs to bake a loaf, (the quick bake option is naff) and as I work all day FT I had to put it on at 6 for it to be done at a reasonable hour, if I stop working thou i'd go back to always making it yes. Very simple to use really.

JaNgLyBELLS Thu 09-Dec-04 16:43:27

The panasonic SD 253 is the one widely acknowledged to be the best! (and its the one I've got) makes lovely bread but tbh I only use it weekends as I have sandwiches to do in week and I hate slicing bread!

whitepixmas Thu 09-Dec-04 17:01:12

We put our breadmaker on before we go to bed(on timer) so we wake up to the smell of fresh bread. Gorgeous! It makes lovely fruit and cinnamon bread and also really easy pizza dough. We use it to make dough for bread rolls which we finish off in the oven or doughnuts!

Plus, you can use it to make jam in 1 hour. you have to experiment a bit as some fruits need pectin to set but I found that adding some apples does the trick.

merglemergle Thu 09-Dec-04 17:20:38

Another vote for a panasonic breadmaker (?253 or something?).

It is completely fantastic.

If you've got a food processor or a blender you can make fantastic smoothies. Yoghurt + honey + bananas + other softish fruit + milk to thin. Easy.

MaryChristmas Thu 09-Dec-04 17:22:51

breadmaker sounds the job to me.

KatieMaChristmas Thu 09-Dec-04 18:18:18

Well I got the breadmaker a week last Saturday and so far averaged 2 loaves a day - one over night on the timer and one while I'm clearing up breakfast (and occasionally one mid afternoon)

But I am a childminder and regularily feed 6 children plus 2-4 adults

I'm now experimenting with flavours and about to do bagels

I have IBS - so don't drink much juice....but if DH wants DH gets - at least in our house

I got a kenwood and it's fab (the panasonic was too expensive for my Mum to buy)

Tommy Thu 09-Dec-04 18:38:14

Another vote for the bread maker here - I've heard that juicers just take up space and are realy tricky to clean

lulupop Thu 09-Dec-04 19:01:28

panasonic deffo.

I use mine every single day and you can't beat the smug feeling of "my family are eating proper bread I made, without all the crap commercial manufacturers add in".

That said, juicers are good too and not all bad to clean. The Wozza one is supposed to be good but the best one (I learnt on another MN thread) is the L'Equip one (also about £100). Gillian McKeith of You Are What You Eat apparently endorses it too, though not sure how much of a recommendation that is!

I got my panasonic breadmaker on Amazon for a very reasonable £67 about 6 months ago. My mum paid £130 for the same item in Argos a year or two ago, so I was quite pleased I got such a low price.

hercyulelog Sat 11-Dec-04 21:24:00

bump for more evidence for dh

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