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babycarriers Ahoy! Beco / angelpack / patapum / Yamo which?

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theprecious Fri 15-Feb-08 22:30:41

OK.....PLEASE help

Ds is 7mths and about 20lbs.

I am 5 foot and dh is 5 11'.

I want buckles, not ties.

Which soft structured baby carrier would you suggest? I have looked at all the pictures and cannot decide.

I am waiting to join UKbabywearingSWAP as well.

kiskidee Sat 16-Feb-08 01:57:52

answered teh other thread re differing body sizes. I would go for a patapum as a starter. it seems to fit a greater range of body sizes. quite a few on UKBWS at the mo.

theprecious Sat 16-Feb-08 18:32:54

Thanks for the help Kiskidee. I have gone with an Angelpack as it's reversible so I can use the flowery side and dh can use the plain side.

They will send it on Monday!

I used Natural Connection website.

kiskidee Sat 16-Feb-08 19:25:02

smile reviews please after it is tried and tested.

kiskidee Sat 16-Feb-08 19:42:53

smile reviews please after it is tried and tested.

Lastyearsmodel Tue 12-Aug-08 21:47:09

How did you get on with your Angelpack? Am in the same quandary...

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