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Pleeeese help!!!! Someone tell me which washing machine to buy/avoid

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serin Mon 11-Feb-08 12:58:31

and i'll be your best friend forever!

Old one is beyond repair and DS2 has wet the bed for the last 3 nights, we have no more spare duvets!!!!

Furball Mon 11-Feb-08 13:00:56


serin Mon 11-Feb-08 13:02:55

Up to £300ish?

serin Mon 11-Feb-08 13:03:06

Up to £300ish?

Furball Mon 11-Feb-08 13:07:00

I've just bought a bosch like this one which seems to be good - it's got a 7kg load

serin Mon 11-Feb-08 13:30:33

Thanks Furball

Best mates it is then!

FatBellyJones Mon 11-Feb-08 13:34:06

I would say don't buy servis, I bought fridge-freezer, washing machine and dishwasher 2 and a half years ago

the washing machine died after 14 months and they didn't want to know
dishwasher has had about 11 repairmen out to it and the control panel is now held in with superglue - it doesn't wash very well either.. never did in fact.
fridgefreezer works fine but has various bits breaking/falling off it.

haggisaggis Mon 11-Feb-08 13:39:15

The local repair guy who came out to try and fix my Hotpoint (and then condemned it!) does not advise Hotpoint or Indeset.
He did recommend Bosch and Zanussi.
We're buying a Bosch. Comes on Wednesday together with a new diswasher to replace the Hotpoint one that broke same time as washing machine.
The repair man also told me that washing machine manufacturers base the expected lifetime of washing machines on customers doing 3 washes a week!!!

hazygirl Mon 11-Feb-08 13:43:08

i have an lg it is fantastic but slighty more expensive but worth it son is a tree surgeon and crap out of his clothes is amazzing , i bought him one and dd as she has three little ones , no probs .she had a servis before it was crapx

serin Mon 11-Feb-08 13:44:55

Oh thanks Haggis
Am LOL at 3 washes a week!!
Our repair man said most new washers are not expected to last more than 5 years!
There must be a lot of washers in landfill.
My mum had a twin tub for 25 years!!

serin Mon 11-Feb-08 13:46:13

Thanx Hazy,
Will not get Servis!

pobletsmum Mon 11-Feb-08 13:50:14

I have a Bosch one (top of the range) and hate it. I had to leave my AEG one when we moved - it was part of the sale - but will buy another AEG one as soon as I can justify it.

My Bosch one is noisy and doesn't wash as well as the AEG. It needed a new touch sensitive display in the 1st few weeks we had it (we bought it brand new). Never again! I have another friend who hates her Bosch machine too. It keeps going wrong.

I definitely rate AEG. Zanussi are part of the same group since AEG became AEG electrolux, but I don't actually know much about Zanussi machines. Definitely avoid Hotpoint.

cardy Mon 11-Feb-08 17:00:40

See my other thread. The conclusion I came to was I would get a Bosch with 1400 spin (Silver) £464.00 in Comet. My Mil swears by AEG, she used to use it a couple of time a day for 5/6 years (ran a B&B) and it kept on going. However the one she had 10 years ago is now about £1200!

pobletsmum Mon 11-Feb-08 17:28:14

Cardy - I wasn't aware of AEG making machines worth £1200 (I thought it was just Miele at that end of the market) - you learn something new every day!

The AEG one I'll be buying asap is here. I think it also has a free 5 year parts and labour warranty direct through AEG but I may be wrong.

Good luck!

cardy Mon 11-Feb-08 17:53:59

They don't even sell them in Comet because they are out of their price range (and mine!)

crokky Mon 11-Feb-08 18:01:51

Bosch are very good machines.

I had a Zanussi and I had to call the engineer out about 4 times over 5 years and then he just said look, it's totally buggered, it's is not economical to fix anymore! So I don't recommend that! Also agree with those who have said avoid hotpoint.

serin Mon 11-Feb-08 21:55:02


Oh Flip, Have just got back from Curry's
with a Zanussi, husband is out there plumbing it in, after doing our backs in getting it out of the car!!!!

It was reduced by £100 so thought I was doing well! Oh well at least I can get started on the huge pile of festering washing tomorrow.

Onlyaphase Mon 11-Feb-08 21:57:34

Just out of interest, my lovely Dyson has done over 4,000 washes in 7 years, and the repairman said that most of them can do over 10,000 washes before they are totally buggered. I love my Dyson!

Furball Mon 11-Feb-08 22:04:09

onlyaphrase - they don't make them anymore

Onlyaphase Tue 12-Feb-08 07:41:56

No! Will have to find a plan B then in a few years time. Am gutted

duchesse Tue 12-Feb-08 07:56:37

God, no! Seriously?

Have had my Dyson for 7 years now, has had a couple of minor issues very easily sorted by Dyson repairman. It has done 4-6 loads a week for 7 years and is still fine. Our previous Hotpoint gave up after 2.5 years of 15 loads a week (the equivalent of what my Dyson does).

I love my Dyson.

LadyOfTheCauliFlowers Tue 12-Feb-08 08:01:14

I have a hoover one and its a pile of pants. the draw is designed in such a way that powder etc leaks out of the bottom of it, down the front of the machine, onto the door hinge which corrodes it. it has had 2 new doors fitted and now the warranty is up.
i cant remember what its called but its a 1400 or 1600 spin and 'aa' rated for efficiency.
also, sometimes clothes do not appear to get rinsed properly so you end up with white streaks on your clothes. not a good look on black/navy.

johnflip Thu 21-Jun-18 15:46:42

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